Living Blessed and Empowered

Living Blessed and Empowered

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Pamela Pitts, founder of L’BAE


For Pamela Pitts, “Living Blessed and Empowered” is her way of living life – both personally and professionally.


The wife and mother of five has a four-year degree in Sign Language and is a National Certified Interpreter of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with experience in signing for Barack and Michelle Obama. Pitts, an SCPA graduate, became a licensed cosmetologist in 1995 and opened the Fairfield-based Café Beauty Salon.


In 2007, Pitts was hit with the devastating news that her second oldest daughter, Nehyrai, was diagnosed with the rare cancer Synovial Sarcoma. For the next few years, she ran her salon by day and watched over her daughter by night. She spent most of her time at the hospital ensuring proper care while her husband managed the rest of the family at home. “Each day proved to be a test of faith with Nehyrai falling into septic shock over three times some days,” Pitts recalls. We didn’t know if she was going to make it.”


Pitts, along with her daughter, started to keep journals to help them weather the storm and keep record of their thoughts and emotions during this time. This inspired Nehyrai to fight for her life and stay motivated through chemotherapy. She was eventually released from the hospital in August 2012.


Once settled at home, Pitts began to form the concept of Living Blessed and Empowered, or L’BAE, which was inspired from one of their journal entries. The concept has now evolved to include a fashion and makeup line as well as poetry to uplift and inspire people.


Pitts is determined to never let any of life’s hardships bring her or her family down. Today, L’BAE serves as a way to share their story and inspire others. L’BAE offers a collection of concept t-shirts with hidden conceptual messages to stay strong – mentally, physically and spiritually. They come in both short sleeve and tanks with men’s and women’s sizes range from small to 2X. Color options include pink, gray, white, royal blue, turquoise, and black.


L’BAE also recently launched a collection makeup called L’BAE Cosmetics in July with prices ranging from $10.50 to $15.50. It includes an eye shadow, a mineral eye shadow, and eye shimmer. In addition, Pitts plans to eventually have a full line of makeup. The line can be worn by all ethnicities with a variety of shades to match every skin complexion.


With her daughter now cancer-free, Pitts will obtain her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling in November 2013 and has big plans for the future. “One day, I hope to open L’BAE Studios to provide counseling and services to those who need to be empowered,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a tough divorce or are just falling on hard times hold on to your faith and don’t give up. It was my faith the brought me through.”


Pitts will soon participate in the September 5 Raw Natural Born Artists to feature a fashion show with hair and makeup provided by Café Beauty Salon and L’BAE Cosmetics. To learn more, or buy tickets to the show, visit her Raw Artists page and click on the Raw Presents: Translations link.