Chic Style: Fall Trend Report

Chic Style: Fall Trend Report

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It’s time to start focusing in on fall fashion! No matter what style you prefer, there’s a trend suitable for every fashionista as the temperatures begin to fall.

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Edgy is the name of the game this fall, and it’s evident in the fashion. Leather started its reemergence last fall, and has continued to dominate fashion. While it has a predominately edgy feel, leather doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it looks. A pleated leather skirt will create an edgy, yet feminine look. If you’re nervous about taking on the leather trend, don’t fret! Pair your leather pants with a long, loose sweater if you don’t want to feel overexposed. Also, leather isn’t just reserved for pants and skirts. Look for tops and sweaters with leather details to keep your look more subtle.

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Patterned Pants
Patterned pants are a fun trend for the fashionista who doesn’t take herself too seriously. While colorful denim has been a craze the last few years, these playful prints are an update on the trend. Usually pants are the least eye-catching part of an outfit, but these flashy options will be sure to make the statement. If you want to keep it simple, pair your festive pants with a solid color sweater or blazer. If you’re looking to take more of a risk, wear your pants with a contrasting patterned top. The key to accomplishing this look is finding a color that appears in both the pants and top, as this will create some uniformity.

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Booties may be the ultimate fall shoe. They are timeless, so you can rest assured that investing in a nice pair of booties will last forever. Plus, their versatility allows you to pair them with everything from skinny jeans to sweater dresses. Booties are a great option when you don’t want the restriction of a full boot, or the overexposure of heels. That’s why these shoes are a warm and stylish option. Look for a bootie with a thick heel for added comfort.

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Chain Link Jewelry
Oversized chain links are a popular jewelry trend for fall. Don’t let their size fool you, as these baubles are a simple outfit addition. Chain link bracelets are ideal for creating a layered accessory look. Remember that mixing metals is popular right now, so don’t be afraid to layer gold and silver jewelry. Opt for a chain link necklace if you want to make your accessories the statement piece.