Simplify Your Style

Simplify Your Style

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If you’re the type of person who can pick the perfect outfit from your closet each morning effortlessly with no muss or fuss, don’t even bother reading the rest of this story. Just go back to your perfect little world and forget we even bothered you.


This story is for the ladies with a pile of clothes on their bedroom floor as a result of the drama that was this morning’s outfit selection process. The women with a bag of clothes that need mending and alterations. The ladies with drawers full of clothes that don’t fit, haven’t been worn in years and don’t match anything else in their wardrobe. If that sounds like you, definitely keep reading.


Frazzled fashionistas, meet Melissa Schroer, Delhi-based Bill Blass New York independent consultant. Consider her your guardian angel of fashion who sits on your shoulder to learn your lifestyle, studies your style, and takes in new trends. With the wave of her wand, you’ll have streamlined items that can take you from season to season and from day to night, coordinate with several other items and — gasp fit your unique body type perfectly.


Wait, it gets even better. Bill Blass New York keeps track of all your purchases. So, when you wear out your favorite trousers, give Schroer a call and she can order you a new pair. Or even better, she’ll tell you about the newest version of those trousers with a slight variation to make them more modern.


“Bill Blass New York often continues the same fit in the hip 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifand thigh for their skirts but may add or change the leg opening for instance and call it something else,”Schroer says. “All of the pant designs are named after starlets, such as the ‘Kidman’ or the ‘Blanchette.’ Once you find the one that fits, it is simple for the consultant (me) to fit you in the new style.”


Color challenged? Schroer has a cure for that, too. “I keep my line books from seasons past so that we can look at potential color changes and items that may mix and match into an existing wardrobe,” she says. “It allows my clients to not only dress with ease in the morning, but also to spend their money on pieces that work with existing pieces thus saving them the money often wasted on ‘closet orphans.'”


Or maybe you’re a slave to Father Time. Savior Schroer to the rescue again. When her clients make an appointment, she assembles an assortment of items based on the client’s needs, size and previous purchases before the appointment. “It saves tons of time, and because we can outfit a client for casual, career and evening, many times they will have an entire season covered by the time they leave my home,” Schroer says.


Of course, this personalized treatment comes with a higher price tag than most shopping excursions. But Schroer says her assistance can actually pay for itself. “One of my professional clients recently traveled to Europe last summer,” she recalls. “We had an entire wardrobe put together for her for two weeks in just seven pieces. She wore them all and traveled light. The luggage savings alone offset the cost.”


So if you’re in need of your very own fashion guardian angel, just send Schroer an e-mail, and soon she’ll have you in fashion heaven.


Amy Storer