Fashion, Aged to Perfection

Fashion, Aged to Perfection

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You’ve seen her. You know, the one that stays “in style” by raiding her teenage daughter’s closet. Or the daughter that raids her mom’s closet for a more mature flair to her fashion. These women and their closet raids always turn heads for all the wrong reasons.


But Liz Cook, 46, proprietor of Mt. Adams-based Elizabeth’s Closet boutique, lets women of all ages raid her closet for fashion items that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. “The age of my client ranges from 20-something professionals to empty nesters that are 50-ish,” says Cook.


She travels to New York, and even abroad to places like Italy, to pick up unique and fashion-forward pieces for her boutique. Nestled above 092208FASHION3.jpgDaveed’s Restaurant, which she and her husbasnd also own, Cook’s boutique offers everything from designer-inspired sunglasses and handbags to fabulous shoes and jewelry.


Because her clientele’s age range is so wide, she’s now an expert at translating trends into age-appropriate applications. Here are her picks and tricks for the latest fashion fads.



  • 20s and 30s: Bold disk earrings are perfect for both daytime office and girls night out.
  • 20s, 30s and 40s: Large round crystal earrings are a fabulous accent to your favorite pair of jeans.
  • 50s Glam Girl: Crystal chandeliers will make you feel fab at all your social events.




  • 20s: This white twill jacket with black patent leather trim ($150) will be great for the cool Fall nights. But – like spandex – patent leather has an age limit.
  • 30s: This black and white flourish print jacket ($125) adds a touch of class to a LBD or black pants.
  • 40s and 50s: This oversized floral pattern jacket ($85) can jive with jeans or be dressed up with white slacks for a date night with your special guy. 




20s: The newest trend in handbags is adding a wrist band to a clutch, like the Liz Soto black croc print clutch with wrist band ($85). The floral design on the wrist makes it fun, young and flirty.
30s and 40s: A black snake pattern clutch and wristlet ($40) is sophisticated, sultry and stylish.
50s: Bring back your funkadelic days with a retro print wristlet ($65).


Photos: Courtesy of
Elizabeth’s Closet