Fall Fashion Finds

Fall Fashion Finds

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With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of your wardrobe, i.e., a perfect excuse to go shopping! Though this fall season doesn’t denote one specific fashion must-have for the coming months, there are still plenty of style-options available to the savvy.

Can You Take Me Higher?

Pants with higher rises are a basic this season, says Nick Christen, a buyer for Karisma Klothing in Oxford, Ohio. “Super low-rise is long gone,” he says. Christen suggests contrasting your higher rised pants with a crop top, be it a cropped cardigan, motorcycle jacket or a coat that hits the wearer at the waist.

But high-rise pants are not the only bottoms trend we’re seeing this fall. “All pant styles are in,” according to Vicky Schmidt, co-owner of Envy, located on Observatory Road in Cincinnati. “From skinny to straight, from stove top to wide legged pants. They’re in.”

Beware pants with wider legs if you’re smaller statured, both Christen and Schmidt advise. “If you’re short, you get lost in them,” Christen says. “If you’re curvier, it doesn’t look like you’re trying to hide. They look best on taller women around size 12.”

Also, don’t wear your wider pants too short. They should be a quarter of inch away from the top of your heel, no shorter, Schmidt says.

Skinny jeans, all the rage last year, are still walking tall in the fashion world, so don’t throw those in the back of the closet. There’s a certain way to wear skinny jeans, however. A fitted tee or blouse with the jean? A definite “don’t” Schmidt says. “Do a skinny jean with a fuller, flouncier top, it balances you out.”

Tunic Me up

Another fall fashion must, in keeping with the popular bohemian look, Christen says, is the tunic. “Tunics are for all ages,” Schmidt says. “If it’s done tastefully. Tunics can go anywhere from below your tush to a couple of inches above the knee.”

A tunic is a dress, fitted through the top with a high or no waist, breaking away from the breasts and flowing down. “Younger women can pull off shorter, more fitted tunics,” Schmidt says. “Older women can do tunics, but they should look classy, not edgy.”

The tunic enters the realm of classy when accessorized with a pump, strappy sandal or fitted boot, Schmidt says. Tunics can be worn with leggings against the cold, or just because. Look for leggings in a contrasting color (such as electric blue or yellow — which are white hot, Christen says) or subtle pattern for extra outfit oomph.

A tunic or baby doll dress also looks great, Christen says, when worn with high rise skinny jeans, which have the added “holding you in” benefit.
Schidmt does advise tunic lovers to not wear ankle boots with a tunic, because doing so creates too many lines on the body, drawing attention away from you.

Miscellaneous Fall Fashion Favorites
Dig out your old school patent leather Mary Janes, because patent is one universal trend this season, though you see it more in jackets and shoes, Christen says. “You can’t go wrong with patent,” he says. “I think it’s reaching its pinnacle, though. It’s not going to hang around for the next two or three years.”

Style mavens are good to go with patent anything through this winter at least, Christen says. Patent makes the ensemble pop, he says. Wear a basic outfit with a canary yellow patent bag or sport a jersey dress with black patent peeptoes.

Other fashion favs: suitings, sweater coats, the color gray, plaids and tweeds, metallics, palazzo pants, jumpers and turtlenecks.

What is interesting about this fashion season, Schmidt says, is that everything is in. “This the first season in seven years where there’s not one strong fashion-forward statement,” she says. What does this mean for you fashion followers out there?

This is your chance to express something different or new in your clothing without being censured for lacking that season’s definitive piece. The sky’s the limit.