Pump Up Your Professional Wardrobe

Pump Up Your Professional Wardrobe

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Most of us spend the majority of our time in a work environment, and have to plan our wardrobe accordingly. The gleaming garments you like to wear on the town don’t quite fit in an organizational setting.

The daily grind, no matter what the vocation, can turn a glamorous wardrobe into dowdy monotonous mess. But have no fear! It’s okay maintain the style status you adore at the office, and even carry it into the evening. Keep in mind what impression you want to give while incorporating key trendy pieces that are apt for your organization. There are proper ways to turn your drab duds into sensational styles, properly suited for the office.

Each new season has new fresh innovative styles to which we can open our minds and closets. Glamorous grays, colorful hues, nouveau prep styles and terrifically tailored pieces are all the rage! Incorporate these trends to your work wardrobe in a classy way, and you’ll feel chic and trendy at your next meeting. Keep in mind your wardrobe can be a reflection on you and your personality. Maintain the respect you deserve by dressing appropriately at the office. Leave the miniskirts and low necklines at home, time to shine your radiant fashionable light in a classy sophisticated way!

This fall, move out of the way basic black, because gray is in town and it’s just right for the working girl’s wardrobe. Neutral shades make up the most “staple” pieces of a wardrobe, and this time, it’s a gray matter to attend to. Whether it’s a gray scarf, dress or pantsuit, keep this nifty neutral in mind when dressing for success.

Bright hues are another awesome autumn trend for the fashionable working woman. Lucky for us, gray goes with about any color. Pair a bright color and gray shade without creating too much clothing chaos. Keep the attention on you and your talents by adding just a small amount of color. This can be done by pairing gray slacks with a bright blouse, or by adding vibrant colored bracelets to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to add that ‘pop’ of color. It may just brighten your day!

The fashion forecast is in, and nouveau prep is raining into fashion outlets all over the US! Plaids, stripes, collared shirts, and layered pieces make up this current trend, and they’re perfect for the workplace! As fall brings in brisk weather, layer a striped sweater over a collared shirt. Pair this with gray slacks and your coworkers will wonder what fashionable female is hanging at the copy machine! Plaids are here to stay, and can be found on stylish sweaters, scarves galore and even on a delicious dress that will never be a bore! Why not layer your plaid dress with a collared shirt? You get the pretty picture, ladies. Nouveau prep is in, and the versatile pieces are perfect for you AND your organization’s dress code!

A tailored look oozes sophistication and style. Thankfully the classic suit is in, and better than ever! Trousers can be straight leg or wide to suit your personal preference. The best suit is a fitted one, so take the time to have it tailored to your terrific bod. Keep in mind that it’s menswear, so add a touch of fabulous femininity. Pair your suit with a silk tunic or ruffled blouse. Mix today’s magnificent trends by pairing a gray suit and colorful shirt. Want to add even more pretty pizzazz? Wrap a waist belt over a suit jacket. The suit trend has no rules, just no holds bar style and class!

Today’s woman juggles a full life with a full time career, and sometimes rushes from work to her glamorous evening out. All of the trends above are able to transition into evening wear, with a couple key pieces to help them along. Pair your suit jacket with a feminine top, skinny jeans and pumps. Or the same jacket over a silky dress. Take off your tailored jacket and wear your ruffled blouse with jeans or belted at the waist with trousers. Day to night wear is possible with a little classic creativity.

Cheers to you and your fashionable working wardrobe!