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Styling a Magazine

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The obsession started when she was about 10 years old. She went to Tennessee to stay with some cousins of one of her friends, and one of the older cousins led her to stacks and stacks of magazines in the garage. She feasted her eyes on old issues of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other fashion-forward magazines. "I swear I didn’t see anyone else for the duration of that trip because I was there, in that garage, reading those magazines the entire time," she says.


Now, local fashionista Tamia Stinson has changed from poring over fashion magazines to creating one of her own in Style Sample Magazine. For and about fashion bloggers, this free digital magazine started in April and comes out on a bi-monthly basis. Content ranges from the happenings of fashion bloggers to emerging designers and businesses in the fashion world. "We try to cover as much of the fashion blogosphere as possible," Stinson says.


And with fashion bloggers gaining importance in magazines such as Lucky and Elle, that fashion blogosphere has been increasing in prominence. "These are all people who just started posting pictures of themselves, talking about their inspiration and their style, and they’ve really gotten recognition in what we would call the more traditional, mainstream fashion industry," Stinson says.


Between issues, Stinson continues to live out her fashion obsession every Monday and Thursday in her blog, The Style Sample, that served as the inspiration for her magazine in the first place. With the inception of Style Sample Magazine, Stinson expects the blog to evolve into a more personal account of her fashion experiences.


"I will probably be a little bit more personal than I have been in the past mostly because I have the magazine as an outlet for more industry-related fashion stuff," Stinson says. So readers can expect to find more of Stinson’s style (which she calls a "downtown version of uptown") in her blog. Stinson describes that personal style as a feminine look with an edge.


While she strives to achieve that look in her wardrobe, Stinson spends much of her time shopping online to satisfy both her realistic goals and her stylistic fantasies. "I’ll look at sites like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie on a regular basis, and then I’ll look at sites where I know, in the depths of my heart, I cannot afford even a sock on those Web sites," Stinson says. But she looks to the sites like La Garconne for inspiration for selecting more affordable fashions elsewhere.


For more information about Style Sample Magazine or to check out the October/November issue, go to To hear more about Stinson’s personal endeavors in the fashion world, head to


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Tamia Stinson
Location: The McAlpin