Fright Couture

Fright Couture

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It’s that frightful time of the year again you gorgeously ghoulish gals — Halloween is right around the corner! Do you have your costume ready? Is your budget scarier than any horror flick? Have no fear my frightful friends, we are here to help! Time flies as we all know, but don’t get in a terrible tizzy. You still have time to pull together your ghoulish garb at a price that will scare away the cobwebs from your wallet!

With a little imagination, you can easily come up with a creative costume made by your own hands. Browse online costume stores to get your imagination rolling. Most can be made with items readily available, without the horrifically heavy price tag the online outlet provides.

Another way to get endlessly easy to do ideas? Look up people and events in the media. For instance, dress up like your favorite celebrity, such as Paris Hilton. Why not throw a fake pooch in a purse, dress to the nines with some shades and proudly chant "That’s hot!" as you prance in your heels? Get your creative juices flowing by thinking back to recent events in the media, and bringing those characters to life right here in Cincinnati! Lindsay Lohan in jail? Try the above Paris outfit, with jail stripes on your dress! There are many ideas you can find in People
magazine or in your local media. The possibilities are endless, and you can most likely use items found at your own haunted house!

Once you have a few ideas brewing in your mind, put on your creative cap. Look around your house for items readily available you can use. Dressing like a maid? Throw some of your Windex in an apron pocket and hold a feather duster! How about a farm girl? Grab that flannel from high school days and pair with some ripped jeans and boots!

From your costume to those final accessories, most likely you have something laying around the house that could work. Still need some help? Visit your local Goodwill. This is the perfect place to find random items for a chillingly cheap price. Find an old prom dress and be an ‘80s prom queen! See a butterfly collar from the '70s? Blast back to the past and be the hippie you miss or have always wanted to be! Stores like Michaels or Cappels may also have odds and ends you may not find at home or Goodwill. Here you can find a wig, accessories or the perfect boa, in other words, all of those items to pull your freakishly fantastic costume together!

With a little imagination, you can easily come up with a creative costume and be the horrid hit of the party! Here are a couple ideas to help you along your witchy way:


Use an old shirt splattered with pain and hang paint brushes out of your pockets. Cut a paint palette out of cardboard. Add a mustache & goatee and you’re the new Picasso!


Judge Judy

Get your old graduation robe out, grab a gavel, and get this town in order!

Hippie Chick

Throw on some small round glasses, bellbottoms and a butterfly collar to like, conjure up your inner flower child, dude!


'80s Glam Gal

Pull out the jelly bracelets, puffed out bangs, neon pink lipstick and legwarmers to make those side ponytail days live again.

The possibilities are endless. Remember, you may just have the ravishing resources right at your fingertips or at the thrift store down the street. Why pay $80 plus for an outfit you’ll wear once when you can put together a costume with your own homespun creativity!

Good luck and have a spooktacular Halloween!