Polka Dots & Pleats: Halloween Costumes

Polka Dots & Pleats: Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is the ultimate opportunity to dress up. Whether you’re going to a party or handing out candy, make your costume a chance to be silly, spooky, or highlight your personality. The most important tip when planning your costume is to be whimsical yet tasteful. Some women view Halloween as a chance to wear short, tight, or unflattering clothes all in the spirit of the holiday. Although it wasn’t a good look even in your college years, it may have been more socially acceptable. Be the hit of the party with some modest, grown-up costumes.


● The Devil Wears Prada- Even if you don’t own a designer handbag, you can still wear this simple, chic costume. Buy devil horns and a tail to pair with a black outfit. Print or craft a Prada logo to label yourself.
● Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s- You already have this classic look in your closet. Grab your LBD, pearls, and sunglasses. Style your hair in a bun and you are basically set. If you happen to own anything from Tiffany’s or have a blue bag, use this to add a little pop of color.
● Kate Spade or Pick a Designer- Wear a preppy outfit or deck yourself out with spade playing cards. Next, add a nametag that says, “Hi, My Name is KATE.” You could also dress as Coco Chanel, Betsey Johnson, or Lilly Pulitzer.


● Minnie Mouse- Find pieces with polka dots and incorporate red accessories. Next, purchase mouse ears and wear white gloves to complete the look.
● Cruella Deville- Let’s be honest, this idea involves a lot more effort but is such a classic choice. In order to make this work, you must style your hair or buy a wig to really emphasize this character. Clothes can be simple with a faux fur or some kind of oversized jacket paired with a dress. Wear a hint of red and most importantly bring along your favorite furry pup or stuffed animal. If you’re a mom of a little one, Pottery Barn Kids has an adorable spotted dog costume!
● Flapper or Pick your Favorite Decade- Buy or rent a fringe dress to wear with a head dress and fishnets. Tie a long strand of pearls around your neck and you’re ready. 50s attire is also a fun decade to inspire your costume. If you want to rent something, check out Talk of the Town in Reading. It’s like walking into a wonderful fashion time warp. They have a 60s floral dress that I adore!


Group Effort
● Cast of Characters- Whether it’s your favorite video game like Mario or old school cartoon like The Flintstones, grab a group of your besties and dress up together. You’ll have fun picking out your costumes and several minds are better than one.
● Super Heroes- I’d pick Superwoman but there are so many options. Find a cape and discover your inner super powers.
● Where’s Waldo- If you’re going to a party as a group, this is an easy, fun option. Plus, stripes and statement glasses are super hip right now.


Still scrambling for a last minute look? Rosie the Riveter is a perfect choice for any girl wanting to show off her strength. Grab your chambray shirt and bandana. Be ready to flex!


Regardless of what you wear, have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Photo credit: Lauren Conrad