Out of the Closet!

Out of the Closet!

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Fashion savvy ladies should take a hint from local elections by getting rid of the old and bringing in the new … to their closets! It’s a new season and a new look, so why are you still wearing last year’s wardrobe? Grab your broom and dust pan, ladies, and sweep those former fashion favorites into the proverbial dust bin. Here are five has-beens that kissed style goodbye in the last year, and so should you.

Gosh Darn Gauchos

OK, so two years ago these shorts-that-look-like-a-skirt hit the fashion scene so hard your grandmother owned a pair. Unfortunately, gauchos, just like so many fashion trends, hit the fashion world comet-like, then fizzled to a spark less than a firecracker just a short time later. If this is true, then why are so many otherwise fashionable women wearing them? For the same reason so many trends stick around a lot longer than their shelf life: women think they’re still fashionable. They’re fashionable once, they are forever, right? Wrong.

Pop the Bubble

Another fashion trend that is so last year, but is so still being worn is the bubble skirt. These voluminous skirts give the wearer an ethereal, almost otherworldly fairy look — that just so happens to be dated. This is a fashion trend I never jumped on, because being a fuller-bottomed lady myself, common sense told me a skirt that poofed all over was probably not the best wardrobe choice for me. Watching women wearing these, out and about, however, confirms my first opinion: this is a skirt for stick thin super models who honestly can pull off almost anything. Verdict? Toss ‘em.

My Legs are Fine Cold, Thanks

Just say no to leg warmers. These are not necessarily out of fashion — they recently made a comeback from their previous ‘80s grave — but still. Just say no. There is no way leg warmers can be made to look classy and chic. It’s just not happening. I don’t care if you pair them with a trapeze dress and ballet flats, it still won’t work. The only look the trying-too-hard fashionista will achieve wearing legwarmers is an awkward Olivia Newton John “Let’s Get Physical” vibe that begs for the classic lines of Sandra Dee. Clothing that was originally meant to keep dancers’ muscles and tendons warm until they’ve been loosened by stretching should never have a place in high fashion, OR your closet.

More like Ugg-ly

Again, a fashion trend that should have been put to rest two years ago is the Ugg-style or sherpa boot. These boots are made of suede, or a suede-like material and are lined on the inside with sherpa, a furry feeling material. Worn by tucking jeans into them, the sherpa boot, the most famous of which is made by the Aussie-based company Ugg, have flat soles and generally come up to mid calf. Guess what? That particular style is kind of over. So toss out your Uggs or (gasp!) Ugg knockoffs, and pick up the new edition: streamlined and sassy with wedge heels. This heeled version is becoming for everyone because heels make the calves look sleek, and the streamlined version is much less clunky and heavy than its predecessor. Just say no to Ugg-ly.

So are you a victim of fashion trends gone wild? It’s easy to get carried away by the newest and latest styles on the fashion runway and go buy out a store’s entire stock of legwarmers and bubble skirts, but try to remember that fashion changes every day. The only sure way a woman dedicated to fashion AND thrift can survive is to forego trends and go for timeless, classic pieces that will never need to go in the garbage. In the words of the illustrious Coco Chanel, “Fashion passes. Style remains.”