Furry Fashion Fury

Furry Fashion Fury

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Whether you fancy felines or have a passion for pooches, spoil Fido and Fluffy with the “must haves” from two unique boutiques that let owners pamper pets with designer fashion, sparkling accessories and gourmet foods. Meow!


Hyde Park Square-based Hyde Bark Fashions is the go-to source for chic canines. “We can fit dogs from the tiniest of pups to the largest Great Dane in style,” says Cynthia Waldenmaier – part of the husband-wife team that owns Hyde Bark.


Everything from Playboy doogie T’s to a nightclub-inspired tank dress from Little Lily (doggie designer to the stars) lets owners outfit their furry friends in style. If your dog goes from diva to demon at the thought of wearing clothes, Waldenmaier recommends a fashionable collar. And if you’re not a dog owner, no worries! “We also, I kid you not, have outfitted a pet monkey, rabbits, cats and a hamster!” Waldenmaier says.


For the cat lover, Confetti Cats of Mt. Lookout is a must-stop shop. Because it goes without saying that most cats aren’t interested in being outfitted, owner Cheryl Franklin focuses her inventory on whimsical, cat-inspired home dècor and unique cat toys and accessories. Franklin opened Confetti Cats 17 years ago after being inspired by a similar shop in the Northeast. Franklin is a proud owner of a trio of rescued cats named Chase, Munchkin and Minnie Merlin of Windsor. (Stop by the boutique to hear how Minnie got her name.)


Confetti Cats is known for unique toys for fine felines. Not all cats react to catnip, Franklin says, so Confetti Cats carries an original line of honeysuckle toys for cats. The collection includes honeysuckle-filled cushions and furry faux mice. Perhaps the most unique item in the shop is a toy called the Monkey Fist — which is a thistle sailor’s knot with a bell and catnip inside. Dual-species owners note: this toy will stand up to dog chewing.


In the spirit of the political season, both boutiques have found a creative way to wade into the fray. Confetti Cats takes a non-partisan approach with a “Vote My Cat for President, Throw the Rat Out” T-shirt. Hyde Bark lets owners make a choice with donkey and elephant collars and its political options such as “Bark for Barack” and “Mac is Back” shirts for dogs. The Donkeys and Obama are out selling the others four to one, Waldenmaier says.


So whether it’s dog couture or playthings for your pussycat, you can pamper your pet with stylish finds from both of these local boutiques.


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin

Models: Shawnette Vaughn and Boots

Clothing on Boots: “Bark for Barack” T-shirt from Hyde Bark Fashions
Makeup Artistry on Vaughn: Trina Paul