Save the Date Fashion

Save the Date Fashion

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What do I talk about? What if something’s in my teeth? Do I pay, or does he?

Welcome to the wonderful world of dating and all the questions that go along with it. While some aspects of dating etiquette are quite apparent, others may be less obvious. Most people know the basics; be ready on time, be yourself, don’t talk about your ex, etc. But alas, there’s more! There’s another important piece of the dating puzzle to remember; in other words, prepare what you wear!

Believe it or not, there are datewear do’s and don’ts that go hand in hand with master dating protocol. One wardrobe slipup can make a hopeful date a disaster, and doom you from the dating world forever! You have a choice; so don’t be a casualty of bad datewear. Follow this list of simple dos and don’ts to make your wardrobe and dating life a fabulous pair!

DO! ask what the plans are so you can dress accordingly. Three-inch heels don’t ride well at a horse farm, and flip flops won’t cut it at The Precinct. Avoid this problem by asking your date what is on the agenda. Once you know the setting, you’re open to make a better fashion choice for your promising date with destiny.

DO! find out what your date will be wearing. Not only should you know what the occasion is, you should also ask what duds your date will be donning. Knowing the destination doesn’t necessarily mean you and your gentleman friend will have the same ideas about appropriate wardrobe.

DO! look into the temperature and plan your fashion forecast accordingly. Although it’s nice to witness his gentlemanly gesture to offer his coat, bring a jacket if it gets chilly. This will ensure your comfort level, so your genuine light can heat up the room.

DO! dress in a way that makes you comfortable. Wear something you know flatters you, but won’t make you fidget throughout the evening. Pulling at your dress or fixing your neckline all night will take away time you could be spending gazing in each other’s eyes.

DON’T! overdo it. You’re excited about the date, understandable. But that doesn’t mean double the blush, double the eye shadow and fake lashes three feet long. Let your date see the real you by spending your time getting ready complimenting your features. Spending extra time on you is one thing, looking like bobo the clown is another.

dress like someone you’re not. Dressing in disguise is just as bad as behaving in a way that masks the real you. The whole point of dating is to get to know someone with the possibility of a future relationship. As we all know, first impressions mean a lot. Let your date see the real you, not what you think they want to see. Dressing yourself is dressing comfortably. Dressing comfortably allows you to open up and be yourself for all the world, and your date, to see!

bare too much skin. You know the line between sexy and slutty ladies, so walk it. Think about first impressions and make sure you’re expressing who you are. At the same time, don’t be afraid to show off your curves. There is nothing wrong about making a lasting impression, i.e., your date’s eyes bugging out; but just remember if you’re starting to feel uncomfortable or unsure, there’s probably a reason.

DON’T! rush around last minute. Plan ahead so your fabulous date time wardrobe fits the above criteria, and you’ll be stress free to boot. Rushing can make you miss little things you wouldn’t normally forget. Is there time to iron your shirt? Did you notice the food stains on your blouse? Rushing with your attire can make you to lose confidence and want a new fashion choice mid date.

When making the trip to the wonderful world of dating, make it first class. Follow these easy tips to avoid any fashion faux pas that could ruin a possible love connection. Planning ahead, dressing comfortably and being yourself will help the real you shine and leave plenty of precious time to be spent on each other. Remember, dating should be fun. Dress your best fashionistas, and you’ll have one lucky date!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Models: Missy Scalia, Matt Reinhardt