Sale Away

Sale Away

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With the seas of shoppers on Black Friday, you deserve to come up for air on Cyber Monday. So as your feet throb from your shopping success, let your hands and fingers do the work as you click your way to some of the best gifts of the season. And FENNOfashion makes it happen.


As an online boutique, FENNOfashion allows you to make your selections from the comfort of your own home, and as a locally owned business, the boutique lets you support your fellow Tri-Staters. Owner/Designer Megan Fenno recently moved to Cincinnati from Austin, Texas, where she was nominated to be the best accessory designer in the first Austin Fashion Week. In August, Fenno packed her bags, anchored in Cincinnati and brought her unique style and vintage flair to the Queen City.


FENNOfashion offers handmade jewelry and handbags, but Fenno takes a different approach with her work. As she saw the market hit with tidal waves of handmade jewelry, she stretched her imagination to stay safe on shore with a niche product. She turned to the acai trend.


112309FASHION.jpgMade from acai berries, Fenno’s jewelry turns superfood into superfashion. Whether you’re looking for a pair of earrings for your mom or a stylish cuff for your girlfriend, the acai jewelry line keeps your family and friends grounded in fashion.


Fenno expanded her niche approach with another booming trend — the green movement. "I thought, ‘Why not take old purses that have a few good components left on them and put those into my own patterns?’ " Fenno says. So the FENNOfashion U.R.E.C. line highlights up-cycled, recycled and eco-conscious handbags. Each piece features a one-of-a-kind look as it blends components of recycled vintage handbags into a reinvented, fresh design.


From the natural acai to the eco-chic U.R.E.C., FENNOfashion provides you with looks you just can’t get anywhere else, and for a limited time, Cincy Chic readers can get it all at a discounted rate. From now until Dec. 7, use the coupon code Chic20 in the coupon box after filling out your shipping information to receive 20 percent off your entire purchase.


For more information about FENNOfashion or to start shopping, head to Be sure to keep track of Fenno’s blog too for fashion updates and FENNOfashion tales. Happy savings and smooth sale-ing!

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Megan Fenno
Location: The McAlpin