Wonderful Wizard of Windows

Wonderful Wizard of Windows

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112408FASHION5.jpgThere’s no place like home — Dorothy said it best. No matter how much your boss terrorizes you, no matter how bad traffic is, or no matter how downcast the weather, your home is your safe haven from the terrible Kansas-sized twisters of the outside world. So it only makes sense that it’s hard to be happy from day to day when you’re unhappy with your home surroundings.


But if Dorothy had some more time to collect her thoughts, she might add “There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ size window,” at least that’s what Jo’s Sowing Studio’s owner Jo Moore believes according to the studio’s Web site.


“A few yards of fabric can go a long way in a house,” Moore says. “Fabrics can brighten your room. Even if it’s not the focal point of the room, it just adds the finishing touch, so to speak, to the room.”


Jo’s Sewing Studio, located in Anderson Township, takes on the weighty, yet deceptively simple, sounding task of customizing the soft furnishings of your home d√©cor, including window treatments, bedding, custom pillows, lampshades and table runners and skirts.


“The first step is working with the client to find out what he or she wants,” Moore says.


Sometimes that means meeting the specifications a client has already been dreaming of, but sometimes it means taking a look at the home and figuring out what will look best. “What I try to do is help people navigate because there are oodles of choices,” Moore says.


There is no shortage of choices, many with names that confuse average customers, from hold backs to drapery panels to drapery poles (Moore handles many types of hardware). When a client receives that perfect dècor without the hassle of learning a new language, it’s often a huge relief.112408FASHION4.jpg


“I was so impressed with the work she’d done for my home,” says Ann Weber, a massage therapist and happy client of Jo’s Sewing Studio. “I knew Jo was the best person to create window treatments for my new office for my massage therapy practice.”


Having to stare at something that’s “almost perfect” just isn’t good enough for many people. “It’s irritating. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s irritating. And sometimes we just want what we want,” Moore says.


It’s all about enjoying your life, for Moore as much as her clients. Moore was in publishing for more than 10 years before making the switch to home furnishings. “I love what I do. Going from [publishing] to drapery fabrication is quite the switch,” Moore says.


Moore is happy to receive that first phone call and hear what it is that you need to be happy with your curtains and home furnishings. Maybe you want to have a living room you can finally brag about, or maybe you just want a change of scenery. After all, if you’re not in Kansas anymore, maybe it’s time you decorate accordingly and let Jo’s Sewing Studio do the dirty work.



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