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Canine Couture

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If your pet could talk, would she ask where the nearest Nieman Marcus is? Or if her collar brings out her eyes?

Rhinestone collars, studded leashes, cozy canine sweaters, dazzling doggie carriers … today, humans aren’t the only ones showing off their fashion sense. Many are outfitting their pets with dazzling designs made for a queen — albeit a furry queen.

Because of this, it's become easier to find a variety of pet styles from a doggie jacket for Buster to slippers for Katinka the cat. Where can you find fun fashion for your pet? We’ve enlisted the help of local fashionistas who help pets to don more stylish duds than most humans could ever beg for!

Sherri Keyes, a Cincinnati native and downtown resident, loves to spoil her one-year-old Boston Terrier, Matilda. Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, nothing is too good for her "punk rock inspired" pooch. Does Matilda appreciate her punk fashion sense?

“I think she loves to wear hoodies. When you hold up her sweatshirt or hoodie, she sits automatically like you have a treat or something, she then sticks her head through the neck hole on her own and then goes limp for you to get her paws in the sleeves. She gets very excited when you show her her shirts,” Keyes says.

Some animals think of their new fashion sense as a treat just as much as their owners do. Your pet can not only look fabulous walking the streets, but can also benefit from the warmth of a hoodie or sweater. Keyes says, “Honestly, she gets cold. They actually are for a purpose. I just lucked out that she happens to look so darn cute in the process.”

There are many different styles to choose from for your pet, just like you would find in your own favorite fashion boutique. Pet boutiques are popping up all over, allowing you to find fashion favorites for your furry best friend. Keyes’ punk rock style has a big influence on the way she dresses Matilda. Web sites like offer unique styles to fit your fashion preference and dress your pet in a way that may match your own style.

120307FASHION2.jpgIf you want to keep it local, Cincinnati-based pet accessory designer Marianne Buttner has also designed unique pet wear that will soon be available on her Web site. Fab chic styles, from clothes to carriers, can be a quick click or drive away.

Local stores like Hyde Bark Fashions on Erie Avenue in Hyde Park or Dog About Town in Rookwood Commons offer everything you and your pet would roll over for. T-shirts, sweats, sweaters, tank tops, dresses, skirts, coats, raincoats, shoes and boots; there is nothing your pet wouldn’t wiggle his tail to wear.

Not only do stores like these offer canine couture clothing, but they also offer breed specific items for your personal pooch. Have a favorite sports team you know your pet would love to bark for? Hyde Bark Fashions offers sports wear for your dog ranging from the Bengals to Ohio State football. Fun holiday-specific items help you involve your pet in your favorite traditions. A Halloween costume or a Christmas dress will make your pet look and feel special and festive! Accessories like lavish leashes, collars, specialized dog tags and beautiful booties can make your doggie dazzle or your kitten glisten. They even have matching accessories for you to join in the feline fun.

It doesn’t stop there. There are diva dishes for your doggie dining and gourmet dog food for your fabulous fur ball. Hyde Bark Fashions even offers birthday cakes for your special pet to enjoy.

Many fashionistas dress their pets to the nines in accordance to a new fashion craze made just for our furry friends. Nothing is too good for the animals we adore. Whether local or online, it isn’t hard to find pet boutiques with unique items. Online pet boutiques are abundant, giving a full range of chic styles for your fashion forward friend to enjoy. So, when you’re out and about treating yourself to fabulous fashion finds, don’t forget about the pets you love. Give your furry friend the gift of fashion. You'll be right there with them begging for more!

First photo: Provided by Sherri Keyes

Second photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
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