Futuristic Fashion

Futuristic Fashion

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You’ve heard of hip-hugger jeans, but now there’s clothing that literally hugs your curves. Yes, it’s true. Someone actually invented a shirt that exchanges the physical sensation of being hugged over distance through telecommunication networks.


While that’s great for those of you in long distance relationships (or just the hug-deprived), it’s certainly not for everyone. But two local boutiques are offering futuristic fashions that every chic geek needs.


Take for example this scenario: You’re lost in concentration working on your laptop from Starbucks. Your boss needs the project in an hour, and that’s just the amount of time it will take to get it done. No stress, right? That is until your computer notifies you that you only have 15 minutes left of battery life and you forgot your power cord. Instead of sitting in rush hour to pick up the cord and dealing with an angry boss when your project is late, why not grab your bag and enjoy the sunshine?


The Voltaic Generator laptop bag ($499), available at Park + Vine, does just that. Its high-efficiency solar cells produce 15 watts of solar power, which makes it the first solar bag powerful enough to charge laptops. “For each hour in the sun, most laptops will get between 20 and 45 minutes of extra runtime, depending on the efficiency of the laptop,” according to the Web site. With the Voltaic Generator, however, an hour in the sun can mean a full charge for most phones, MP3 players and small cameras.


This bag isn’t just all function, it’s fashionable, too. “The bag does look great,” Park + Vine owner Dan Korman says. “Even though there are solar panels on one side, they fit aesthetically and call just enough attention to themselves to let the world know that the carrier is both conscientious and stylish.”


Another good looking fusion of style and science are UNHEARDOF’s Kidrobot Handsdown Hoodies. Not only do the pockets literally fit like a glove, the hood is perforated over the ears so you can hear your tunes through the fabric.


“[Kidrobot has] done a great job in partnering with artists and designers around the world to create their products,” says Phil Lipschutz, UNHEARDOF partner. “They are definitely collector items, [as] all are numbered and some even appear in the collection at MOMA. It’s celebrated all over the world, [and] we are lucky to have some piece of it in Cincinnati.”


This line is a direct result of the designer having a finger on the pulse of its consumer, Lipshutz says. “Kidrobot has developed apparel that fits our lifestyle,” he explains. “[Part of] life is carrying an iPod, PSP or cell phones wherever we go. With apparel built to make that easier, it’s definitely a reason to buy their products.”


Being in the industry, Lipschutz confirms that fashion is being influenced by the tech world and vise versa. “Fashion and design style are now a part of technology.” Lipschutz says. “Look at Apple and how it’s influenced the design of computers, devices and even interfaces.”


And just “in case” we didn’t impress you enough with all those couture configurations, another company to look out for is Incase. Their products are designed specifically for people who want to stylize their technology and keep it safe, Lipschutz says. “Check out some of their collaborations on their site and see how technology is pushing fashion,” he suggests. 


Photo: Kidrobot
and Voltaic Systems