Store to Site Style

Store to Site Style

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In today’s world, companies are expected to have Web sites, and it’s often a surprise to find that a store does not have an online sales component. Well, HighStreet Cincinnati has a surprise for us no longer.


This lifestyle store and branding and design consulting firm announced its expansion to a national e-commerce brand just two months ago. But the move involved more than just throwing some product photos and descriptions up on a site.


"We wanted to present online something that told the HighStreet story, and that’s a challenge I think to do online. You have to take something that’s very multi-dimensional and try to convey that very human aspect online and that highly art-directed aspect online," HighStreet Owner and Partner Leah Spurrier says.


To help tell the HighStreet story, Spurrier and HighStreet Partner Matt Knotts decided that the Web site design needed to reflect the design-driven aspect of the store as well as the branding already created in the site, blog and e-newsletters. So they subbed out the traditional white background for online stores and put in a chic charcoal backdrop for your shopping experience.


1209KROMBHOLZ.gif Another major difference with HighStreet is that Spurrier and Knotts wanted shoppers’ online experience to be as personal as if they were in the store. "How do we take an online shopping experience and give it personality and create a following versus someone that is arriving at your site purely based on price because we’re not at a position to compete at that level," Knotts says.


So each HighStreet team member created a tumblr account. This microblogging social medium allows each member to create a personal profile so that shoppers may have someone to relate to.


"The people of HighStreet will be going through the product offering and picking things and giving their reviews of them," Spurrier says. So once you connect with a HighStreet member’s design tastes and aesthetic, you can reference their tumblr to see what products might work for you.


The site is still in the development process, so HighStreet still expects big things to come. Those big things include product videos, design education tutorials and web-exclusive products.


To check out HighStreet’s new online shop, head to and to learn more about the company itself, head to




Screen shot courtesy of HighStreet Cincinnati