Outshine the Dropping Ball with this Partywear

Outshine the Dropping Ball with this Partywear

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Party poppers, champagne toasts, a kiss at midnight; celebrating the New Year is a red carpet pass to dress your fashionably best. For one night only your fashion stlye may climb to new heights, no matter what the venue, to give you a fabulous view of living the high life. What you wear can easily make or brake your evening of glam and glory. Confetti will soon be thrown, champagne is on ice, time is running out- so go find something nice! Join us for our New Year’s countdown toward finding the right look for you, and celebrate the coming of a new year in style!

10- The clock is ticking! Too late to order that party dress online, without paying a fine for quick shipping. Have no fear fabulous fashionistas! All the current trends are ready and available for you, at stores found in your local mall.

Sparkle, shine, and everything fine can be found in stores like Express, Cache and Dillards, all of which are easily accessible. Sequin and beaded clutches at Cache or Forever 21 are adorable and come in various gem tones. Express offers killer party dresses with top notch glam, more extravagant and fancy then their usual gorgeous but standard fare. Dillards in Kenwood Towne Center has an amazing dress section, where you’ll find many variations of the season's best. Big colors to finish the year are the always classic basic black, gold tones and silver shine.

9- Should Auld acquaintance be forgot? No, and neither should your outfit at the biggest party of the year. As always, it’s important to think about the venue you’ll be attending the night the ball drops. Celebrating the New Year, however, gives you a free pass to go above and beyond the norm and dress up more than is expected. Lights, cameras, ACTION! You’re a star, glam enough for the red carpet, impeccably dressed and ready to shine. Okay, so that may be taking it a little too far, but why not make the traditionally celebrated night one that’s unforgettable? It’s okay to go above and beyond, no matter what the function. Make a grand entrance that no one will forget, and make your outfit worthy of a once-a-year celebration.

8- Metallics are a big trend finishing up the year, so what better time bring out some shine than New Year’s? Dresses in gold in silver can be found all over and can catch anyone’s eye. Add beading, jewels or sequence and you have a dress suited for the red carpet, or any venue the Queen City has to offer. Satin dresses in bright colors like blue or green can easily compliment your skin tone and dress you up for fantastic fashion success. As always, the classic black dress will never go out of style. Slimming and forever fashionable, a simple black dress paired with sparkly accessories will make you shine in a sophisticated and classy way.

7- While shimmer and shine is in this season, remember to let the party poppers and "Happy New Year" chants be loud and noisy; not your outfit. The biggest party of the year allows you dish out the glitz and glam, but there is a fine fashion line. Remember it’s still possible to undeniably overdo it. When wearing a busy dress, make your accessories subtle if you wear them at all. On the flip side, a classic black dress may be kicked up a New Year’s notch if paired with a sequin clutch or glamorous glitter earrings.

6- Not one specific dress form is more fashionably fabulous than another, so the entire rack is yours and open for business! Strapless, wrap, tank, shift, one shoulder, mini, long; the possibilities are fun and endless. Think about what compliments your body, and try a few choices on. While an empire waist (dress flairs starting below bust line instead of traditional waist) can hide your tummy and draws attention from your hips, it doesn’t flatter a large bust like a wrap dress can. A mini dress will show off your long beautiful legs, while a slim knee length dress can help the shorter stylistas elongate their figure. It’s important to try several variations on and chose a style and fit that’s comfortable for you. Concentrating on a midnight kiss is a must, not worrying about an over-pouring bust!

5- Jewelry is an accessory that can tell the story of uninhibited fashion when you make your golden grand entrance. Diamonds, gold, silver, dangly or stud, light up the night by choosing complimentary jewelry pieces that finish off your divalicious dress. Dangling earrings compliment a strapless dress and draw attention to your neckline, as well as a low cut wrap dress. Diamond studs are appropriate if your dress is taking center stage and your ear needs a small part to shine. A long necklace paired with a plunging neckline is complimentary, while classic silver bangles are fun to wear and leave your arm far from bare

4- High caliber clothing is always a better shot when paired with the classic clutch. Sequin, jewel encrusted, metallic or satin clutches all follow the current trend and could bring a drab outfit into the spotlight. Multifunctional, a clutch purse is an accessory to your outfit while holding essentials you’ll need to touch up throughout the night.

3- What does every fashion forward female love? Shoes, shoes, shoes! Put your flats away for another day and pair heels with a fabulous dress for the evening. Heels compliment any dress nicely no matter what the length, and elongate your legs in the process. Open toe, pump, straps; there are no rules when celebrating the New Year, no matter what the weather. A classic black pump works well with most dress styles, while the metallic trend is full force for your feet with strappy silver, bronze and gold ready available- what a treat!

2- There is no better way to feel fashionably complete and sensually sexy than wearing undergarments fit for a queen. While only you and your special someone will see them, you’ll carry yourself with confidence and a sexy stride that will compliment your overall look. Don’t hold back when choosing your undergarments for that special night. Designer pieces can be found at La Silhouette located in Madeira. There you will find items like Betsy Johnson bras, Elle MacPherson intimates and more. Treat yourself and your partner, and celebrate the New Year with special sexy intimates to complete your style.

Finally, the most important accessory to complete your look; a genuine smile to light the new year. Celebrating a New Year is a time to address hopes for the future and to be thankful for the joys in the past year. Genuinely feeling thankful for those in your life will make you glow the entire evening, and is an accessory that will remain timeless in the years to come.

Happy New Year! Cheers to a fabulous and stylish you. We have been blessed with amazing readers that emulate the style and passion for life that we so enjoy writing about each year. Stay tuned, more fashion advice to come in 2008. Have a blessed, fashionably fantastic New Year!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes Granite Spring Model Home
Model: Stephaney Theobald of Impeccable Planning
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics