Just Say Fenno

Just Say Fenno

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When it comes to her career, local designer Megan Fenno knows exactly what she wants, and lucky for you, she seems to know exactly what her customers want too.


Fenno always has had a passion for fashion, so she put herself through school at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating, she mixed her dream job with her dream of running her own business with the start of her own fashion and accessory company. Now, at 25 years old, Fenno’s hard work has paid off, and she provides women with FENNOfashion, an online boutique of vintage-inspired jewelry and handbags.


With her success, Fenno can’t keep up with the demand for her unique, fashionable pieces. Some of her more popular pieces include the U.R.E.C. (upcycled, recycled and 1209KROMBHOLZ.gifeco-conscious) handbags that use components from old handbags to create a modern look with a vintage twist. "I put one up the other day on my Web site, and it was gone within two hours," she says. 


Similarly, Fenno experimented with pearls and chain to make 10 bracelets, and all were sold in two weeks’ time. Through her experimentation with the bracelets and other pieces, Fenno has solidified her style as vintage-inspired classics with an element of surprise. "There are a lot of trends that come in and out, obviously, so I feel like having classic pieces that never really go out of style is something that I want to do," Fenno says.


But it wasn’t just experimentation that brought Fenno where she is today. She grew up in Cincinnati but moved away to experience Tallahassee, Savannah and Austin. She started her business in the Lone Star State, where she was nominated for Best Accessory Designer in the first Austin Fashion Week.


Like many local natives, however, Fenno found her way back "home" four months ago 1209_GOTOGAL_INSTORY.gifwhen she moved back to Cincinnati, a goal she had written in her business plan at the end of last year. Besides her big move, Fenno also met her goals to change her business name from MEWfashion to FENNOfashion, to have more events in the community, and to double in size in both finances and Web site traffic.


With her 2009 achievements, Fenno already looks ahead to 2010 to set new goals, and she’s including some pretty exciting aspirations. One of her biggest goals for the upcoming year is to design a fall line of clothes that she will debut in the spring for pre-season orders. Like her accessories, her clothes will have a vintage flair as they maintain a classic look.


As she has achieved her dreams and continues to reach new heights, Fenno maintains that anyone can do the same. "If you dream something up and you want to do it, if you keep trying and work hard enough, you’ll get it," she says.



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Megan Fenno
Location: The McAlpin