2008 Fashion Forecast

2008 Fashion Forecast

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Gone are the sweater dress, metallics and layering pieces. Enter eco-friendly fashions, designer sneakers, romantic styling and chic classy scarves. As fashion fanatics know, true fashion is about change and evolution. Emerging trends come to fruition with the changing seasons, societal state of mind and artistic influences. Join us as we share our fashion predictions for 2008, celebrate exciting up-and-coming designs and stylish innovation for the new year.

As the world is discovering the importance of maintaining and caring for our environment, going green has become glamorous. Clothing designers have discovered the importance of Eco Chic clothing and it’s rising popularity. Fashionistas are becoming as concerned with their environment as they are their style. Eco friendly clothing is on the rise, made with organic cottons, soy, hemp, bamboo and without harmful chemicals. Levi’s, an American clothing staple, has recently released an eco line. Sold in Macys, Kohls, Sears and JCPenny, Levi offers jeans, skirts and T-shirts made of 100 percent organic materials. Buygreen.com is a Web site dedicated to those interested in "going green," and includes clothing and accessories. The style conscious are now mindful of our environment and the importance of maintaining it. This eco savvy state of mind has created an innovative approach to fashion design. We hope this is a fashion trend that's here to stay.

Today’s woman is on the go and needs fashionable shoes to match her lifestyle. Fashion sneakers are strolling into stores and are a huge trend coming into the New Year. A step up from your classic white kicks, fashion sneakers are now chic urban street wear that can now be considered "dress shoes." Top gym shoe companies are teaming up with designers to break boundaries between traditional sneakers and modern footwear. Keds has joined forces with fashion designer Nanette Lepore, to bring a shoe line with fun and feminine styles. Sequin, gold, velvet, satin, animal prints, stars and stripes – there are no longer rules that say sneakers are strictly for the gym. Skimmers (slip on sneakers), sneakers and booties are high fashion and can now be worn as a chic accessory to your favorite outfit. Many other known sneaker brands, like Puma, have hopped on the trendy bandwagon. With a line called "Sport Fashion," Puma has teamed with innovative designers like Alexander McQueen and Philippe Starck. Wear the new fashion sneaker trend with jeans or a suit. High fashion has a new shoe in town that encompasses comfort and trendy designs.123107FASHION2.jpg

Kick your outfit up a fashion forward notch by adding a scarf as an accessory. A big trend in 2008, head and neck scarves are a unique way to bring style to your wardrobe. A head scarf adds classy sophistication, especially worn with sunglasses and the classic trench. Neck scarves are an eloquent touch and can be worn folded like a tie, or knotted softly to the side. Sites like hermes.com, offer How-To tips to fold your scarf in creative ways. On the hermes site, click on scarves then playtime with your scarf for a detailed description on scarf folding.

Springtime is on the horizon and it brings about warm seasonal thoughts. Florals, soft hues, whimsical designs; spring/summer 2008 will bring about a soft femininity women love to wear. Romantic styling is a big trend for the warmer times ahead and includes light airy feminine materials like silk, chiffon and other see-through materials. Designers like Stella McCartney showed countless designs with an airy, ghost like quality. Look for sheer fabrics and nearly naked looks in soft hues. Ivory, soft pinks and florals compliment the soft style spring will bring.

Head straight into the new year with confidence, knowing what emerging trends lie ahead. Practice your eco friendly lifestyle with environmentally conscious clothing, kick your classic sneakers up a notch with designer styles, use a scarf as a hip and classy accessory, and showcase your springtime whimsy by dawning sheer flowing designs. Evolve with the changing trends and you’ll stay the stylish fashionista we know you are!

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes Granite Spring Model Home
Model: Katherine Janszen
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

Second Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes Granite Spring Model Home
Model: Lyric with Lyric Originals
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics