5 Sneakers for 5 Occasions: The Sporty, Trendy Fashionista

5 Sneakers for 5 Occasions: The Sporty, Trendy Fashionista

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Sneakers can be extremely stylish, as long as you don’t decide to wear them with a gown of course! Nevertheless, the stylish fashionista can pull off a pair of good sneakers at any casualevent, and even some semi-casual occasions effortlessly. In order to do that though, she needs a proper collection of sneakers to choose from, which is why we have this list of five sneakers for five different occasions that you will appreciate.

Veja V10

Veja is a Brazilian brand which prioritizes sustainable production above all. Therefore, you won’t have to feel guilty about wearing their gorgeous, but functional leather Nauticosneakers. While being stylish and of high quality, the V10 sneakers are also perfect for hikes, tennis and light exercise.

Nike Air Max 97

If you know anything about sneakers, you probably knew that this one was going to make it onto the list, because how can a pair that’s so beautifully feminine, and yet athletic in typical Nike fashion, not make it in here? The Air Max 97 is the perfect combination of both, and you need to have it in your collection.

Gucci GG Screener Sneakers

You know you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Gucci sneakers, and sites like SSENSE have the whole collection. Whether you like the Black Ace, the White Ace or the GG Screener we are suggesting here, SSENSE probably has it in your size.

In case you are curious as to why we are suggesting the GG Screener, then that’s because it will add that all essential variety to your collection. Other than that, Gucci sneakers are among the most premium in the entire industry, so feel free to choose any pair that catches your fancy, or that you think would be more appropriate for your needs.

When you want a pair that will attract instant attention due to its sheer brand value, while keeping you stylish and comfortable everywhere, this is the sneaker you just need to have.

Golden Goose Superstar

The Black & White Superstar is a popular choice, but feel free to choose them in a different color combination. The deliberately old-ish look has a subtle charm to it, and the pair looks classy. It would be a unique addition to your sneaker collection and they are quite sturdy.

Converse High Top

Let’s end the list with a pair of sneakers that became extremely popular about three years ago, and is also the most affordable one on this list.

Quite simply put, the Converse High Top is a simple, white sneaker, with the brand logo being the only break in the white. Can it replace any of the sneakers we have mentioned? No, it can’t, but the High Top from Converse still looks amazingpaired with a simple pair of blue jeans and a washed, white top.

Each time you decide to buy a pair of sneakers, make sure that it serves a different function or comes in a different color or design than any of the sneakers you have already. It will give more value to your shoes, and your options for each attire will be much wider.

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