A Foot’s Best Friend for Fall

A Foot’s Best Friend for Fall

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101011FASHION_bootStappyBooty.jpgStrappy or open toe booties are an easy transition when weather is still warm but the season is moving into fall colors and textures. Pair them with bare legs and skirts or shorts. A fitted blazer and dark toe nail polish pulls it all together. As the temperature cools, booties with a wedge heel look terrific with dark tights, winter shorts and a bohemian top. For a more casual look, experiment with leggings and a poncho. Booties are easy to dress up, especially those with skinny heels. Try them with a pencil skirt and tailored top or knee-length knit dress. You can extend the season for your booties by wearing over the knee printed socks or cabled boot toppers – better known as modern-day leg warmers.1209KROMBHOLZ.gif


Riding boots are the norm with jodhpurs or skinny jeans. Switch it up with brown equestrian boots, sheer hose or camel-colored tights and a short brown skirt. For added drama, wear them with colorful leggings and a capelet.


Go for a classic look with a heeled boot that hits below the knee, worn with opaque tights and a knit dress or patterned skirt. Add a twist with suede or quilted leather uppers or a broken-in pair of cowboy boots.


101011FASHION_bootFoldOverWedge.jpgFold over wedge boots are relatively new to the scene. Similar to platform boots, they can be worn under flared, bootleg or bell bottom jeans. But because these boots give off such a heavy look, I prefer to see them teamed with a sleeker pant leg. Toss aside your jeans and consider a colorful pair of skinny corduroys.


101011FASHION_bootWellies.jpgWellies are a necessity to get you through soccer and lacrosse games, grocery shopping and puddles in the yoga studio’s parking lot. They can make a statement in a bright cheerful color or with monogrammed uppers.


Over-the-knee boots are for the fashion forward. They can be found in anything from a flat sole to just under a 6-inch heel. If buying a pair with a heel, keep your ensemble monochromatic for a classy look. If you wear a short skirt, you’ll be revealing some skin between skirt and boot. Ideally your thighs are ready for the exposure. There are many styles without heels that look terrific with skinny leg pants tucked in. Try white jeans to get the contrast between dark boot and light pant.


For the coldest of days or for cruising through the school drop-off line, UGG shearling lining in boots and slippers is hard to beat. For the nieces and granddaughters in your life, tweens and teens look darling in UGG boots, leggings and a colorful scarf.