A Roaring (and Fashionable) Good Time

A Roaring (and Fashionable) Good Time

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Event Chair, Stephanie Stegmuller, with husband Todd Stegmuller at last year’s fashion show

Celebrating the 14th year of their annual fashion show, St. John the Baptist is continuing its long-standing tradition of bringing locals together for a night of fashion, fun, food and fundraising.


Stephanie Stegmuller, who has chaired the fundraiser for the past four years, has a special place in her heart for this event. Her grandmother, mom and daughter have all participated as models in the past, and she’s known for years that she wanted to one day manage the event. “When I took the event over four years ago, I gathered a group of very talented and knowledgeable women to be on my committee,” she recalls. “The show would never be the success it is without these women!”


The St. John’s fashion show, which is taking place on March 8 in the St. John’s gym from 7 to 11 p.m., celebrates fashion and friends to raise money for resource development at St. John’s school.


“This year’s theme is the Roaring 20s. This is a time period I believe was suited for me,” she explains. “I love the look of a man in a suit and hat and there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman looking so feminine.”


Stegmuller and her committee select parishioners and moms who have not previously participated as models for the night. “We like to get a good mixture of both old and new families to make sure the traditions will carry on,” she says. The fashion show will feature clothing from Macy’s Northgate, and those items will be available for purchase. Admission to the fashion show is $37.74, which includes heavy appetizers, spirits and homemade desserts.


Since the fashion show was launched, Stegmuller says the show has grown by leaps and bounds. “I believe we will have our first ever sell-out show this year! I expect around 300 women to attend this year’s event,” she says.


While the fashion show has only been promoted by word of mouth and Facebook, several donors have come forward to contribute items for the evening. “It’s a great night to raise money, wear something trendy, hang out with your girlfriends and just have a good time,” she says, “It brings a little bit of the big city to a small town.”


Stegmuller says although this is her last year as chair of this event she is excited to see where she can go from here. “My dream job has always been to work in fashion. I’m always looking for new and exciting things to come my way,” Stegmuller says.


To learn more about the St. John’s “Roaring Twenties” fashion show visit www.stjohnsfashionshow14.eventbrite.com or go to the St. John’s fashion show Facebook page.