Accessorize with Kandi Bandz

Accessorize with Kandi Bandz

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Kandace Cox’s daughter, the inspiration behind Kandi Bandz, modeling one of the designs


We’ve all sacrificed for fashion before, but one local lady says it’s not necessary when it comes to your hair accessories.


Kandace Cox was inspired to launch her company, Kandi Bandz, in 2009 when she had it up to her head with headache-causing headbands. “My daughter was my inspiration,” Cox recalls. “So, when I came up with a soft interchangeable headband that didn’t hurt, my daughter was the first to benefit!”


But then, in 2011, she decided to expand the concept into a variety of women’s accessories, all handmade by Cox. This was when she started producing additions like leather fashion bracelets and much more. “What started out as a solution to headbands causing headaches has become a high fashion statement with a touch of class,” says Cox. “Also, I have the leather bracelets and Gem Slides. Everything is handmade, so if you don’t see something you would like…just let me know, and we can imagine it together.”


Cox says the point of any and all Kandi Bandz accessories is to have fun and express yourself. “All of the products are handmade and unique,” say Cox. They can all be customized to fit, style and with colors.


Right now, all Kandi Bandz products are being sold through their Facebook Page, Etsy or you can make purchases through email where you can correspond with Cox directly.


Currently, all products are still designed by and made by Cox. “I take pride in my work and want to keep it small and personal with quality products,” she says. “This is my way of building strong relationships with my cliental and having friendly one on one time with you to make every product great.”


On the horizon, Cox sees a lot of growth and plans on expanding the company to provide an even wider variety of accessories, such as jersey scarves.


For more information on Kandi Bandz, you can visit them on their Facebook Page.