Acclaimed Designer a Rising Star in Cincinnati

Acclaimed Designer a Rising Star in Cincinnati

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Melissa Tabor is not only designing for women but also for the city in which she resides: Nashville, Tenn. Her first line made its debut in the fall of 2010 and since has spread her name and work from state to state.


She’s excited by the idea of her work spreading, Tabor says. Being a part of Cincinnati Fashion Week (CFW) exemplified this. "I was in the midst of preparing for Nashville Fashion Week when I received a lovely email about showing from someone involved with CFW," Tabor says. "That was such an exciting moment, because I was already so thrilled to be doing NFW that being offered CFW just brought that time to a whole new level."


Her passion for clothing design started when she was a student at the University of Alabama. Tabor moved to New York City in 2002 to launch her fashion career. She racked up experience, working with Gucci and Giorgio Armani before earning a fashion design and marketing degree from Atlanta’s American InterContinental University. During this time, she also held an apprenticeship with Oscar de la Renta.


In 2009 she moved to Nashville, and it has only brought her one great opportunity after another. This year Nashville hosted its very first fashion week, and Tabor had the honor of being involved, calling the experience the highlight of her career.


 At this point in her career, Tabor says she’s most moved by the fabrics she uses. "I will most of the time have the basic idea of the direction I would like to go, but when I find fabrics that I love, that is when it all begins to take shape," Tabor says. "I was lucky to have found some really lovely textured tweeds and brocades for this current collection, which is definitely where I found the most inspiration."


Tabor receives another form of creative direction from viewers of her collections online. "I am receiving a lot of feedback from my online sites as well as from runway shows and learning what pieces from my line receive the best response," Tabor says.


As she looks to creating her next line, the virtue of simplicity has a strong underlying presence. "I have recently really loved the idea of simplifying everything," Tabor says. "Simple, beautiful, elegant, rich, textured fabrics: Those are my favorite ideas behind creating designs, and they will most definitely be going into not only the upcoming line, but any lines of mine in the future."


For women interested in any of Tabor’s Cincinnati Fashion Week designs, they can purchase them at or