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Amber Bryce Jewelry Design

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Amber Bryce of Amber Bryce Jewelry Design

Everyone deserves to feel like they have accomplished something important and that it affected someone else positively. Amber Bryce, owner and designer at Amber Bryce Jewelry Design, encourages women to embrace their inner superhero utilizing her gemstone jewelry, because every hero needs accessories too.


“There is nothing sexier, more beautiful, inspiring, or empowering than a woman standing strong in her powers, radiating her brilliant warm light. This woman is simply unstoppable,” says Bryce.


The business began in 2006, selling here and there to friends, family, and eventually landing some wholesale accounts. Bryce designed jewelry for some big name celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe and Keira Knightley. She also had designs on preview at the 2012 Golden Globes Luxury Gift Lounge. “But something felt off,” says Bryce. “There was no connection. And every bit of my being was craving connection with my clients. I wanted to share the sacredness of the stones I was using; of the energy that went into the pieces I created.”


Bryce decided that she wanted to educate her clients on this magic and energy that surrounds these gemstones. She wanted to witness the light and brilliant shining that her clients beamed about after wearing their special jewelry.


“I believe that this is precisely how we are changing the world, my loves. One gorgeous, empowered, unstoppable goddess at a time,” says Bryce.


Currently, Bryce is offering various items such as limited edition pieces of jewelry. These pieces are pretty simple, petite and great to gift. Their price point starts around $75, and goes up to $200. Focus is on the powers of the gemstones used in each piece.


Another piece that is presented is the One of a Kind Luxe piece. There will only ever be one of these pieces; the piece is 100 percent unique to the buyer. These pieces tend to be a bit larger, more elaborate, with lots of gemstones. Prices start around $250.


Then there is the Soul Signature Jewelry that has a cost of $650. This experience includes a 1 hour Skype Soul Sync Session, and a custom Soul Signature Necklace to wear close to your heart. “These necklaces are completely customized, and designed to help you step into your innate brilliance and anchor you there, so you can firmly stand in your powers. During our call, I educate clients on what stones I believe will help them do so. How they work, what they mean and why they might be attracted to them,” says Bryce.


There is a huge part of Bryce that she feels needs to inspire and uplift and to give hope. She hopes to help people see their inner beauty. “My goal is to start incorporating more educational and empowering information about the gemstones I use in my blog, and also delivered through newsletter,” says Bryce.


Earrings from Bryce’s jewelry line.

She wants clients to better understand how and why the gems work and educate why there are stones they are feeling drawn toward. In the very near future, Bryce says, you will be able to purchase raw gemstone specimens to set around your house and office. You will be able to shop by “condition”, or need, and essentially self prescribe what stones you need around.


“I see [in the future] holding Sacred Stone VIP days here in my newly built studio out in the country. Clients would be able to spend the day with me, in person, in my studio, and get hands on education on gemstones,” says Bryce.


Together, you and Bryce would pour through her gemstones, and talk about the meanings of the ones you are drawn to, and discuss the hows and whys of their workings, and how you can help them. “I’m extremely excited about this vision, and have had many clients asking for this already!” says Bryce.


To learn more about Bryce, visit Click here to find out more about Soul Signature Jewelry. Also, she offers a complimentary 20 minutes Discovery Session, to see if Soul Signature Jewelry is right for you and you can book and appointment here.