Arova Studios Features Philanthropic Fashions

Arova Studios Features Philanthropic Fashions

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Traveling the world is bound to leave an impression on you. But for Megan Milar, living in India for three years changed her life — and career path — forever.


During her time there, Milar began developing the idea for her business, Arova, which she officially launched in January 2013. “I fell in love with the horn and bone jewelry in India, and I found that people really like it over here as well,” she explains.


Arova is a women’s accessories brand that is sells handcrafted artisan goods from all over the world. “We search the globe for accessories that you would only find while exploring another country. We bring them right here to you,” says Milar.


Milar was also inspired to start Arova after working with Developing Indigenous Resources (DIR), a nonprofit organization in India that works to alleviate suffering and help develop less-privileged countries around the world. Milar donates a part of Arova’s sales to DIR to assist in their mission. “I volunteered with DIR while I was living in India,” she says. “They are near and dear to my heart.”


Arova currently offers handmade jewelry and accessories from around the world, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, bags, wallets, and Fair Trade goods through online sales. “A lot of the materials used in the jewelry and accessories are eco-friendly,” explains Milar, “They are made out of recycled upholstery remnants, bike tubes, seatbelts, and other materials. Arova really has a humanitarian focus through donating to DIR and offering unique eco-friendly products that aren’t available here in the U.S.”


Arova works directly with artisan groups all over the world to acquire quality accessories. “I have traveled to 18 countries and everywhere I went I found unique treasures that received many compliments from my friends back home,” says Milar, “My husband suggested that I should just buy these treasures in bulk to sell here. His suggestions and my work with DIR all worked together to create Arova.”


Soon, Arova will be selling clothing along with their accessories. DIR is now making clothing, and Arova is their exclusive distributor in the US. In addition, Arova is launching an independent consultant-driven direct sales component of the business. Click here or watch the webcast below to learn more about this new, exclusive opportunity.


For more information on Arova, visit or visit their Facebook page. For more information on DIR, visit