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Izzi Krombholz of the blog Women in Rock and the clothing line Avid Noise

Izzi Krombholz has two true loves: fashion and music.


She plays drums in two local bands – Black Planet and Pearl de Vere – and also plays bass in a women in rock cover group called “The Binders.”


In 2012, she started a blog called “Women in Rock” writing about both old and new female musicians to entertain, introduce and educate readers on the many greats, both well-known and relatively unknown.


“As a female musician, I’ve always been about female empowerment and celebrating the many great rock goddesses that have made so much history in the rock world,” Kombholz says. “To me, fashion and music go hand in hand I wanted to open an Etsy store to sell vintage clothing but I needed some direction. I wanted some way to tie my blog and new vintage store together. Avid Noise is the perfect way to do that.”


Avid Noise is the Etsy-based online shop Krombholz launched in April 2014, and it’s already off to a rockin’ start. “Since so many women in rock are inspiring to the fashion world, I decided to make collections based on their individual styles,” Krombholz says, adding that she’s also open to suggestions. “Do you have a favorite woman in rock whose style you love? Send me an email, maybe I can put together a collection inspired by your favorite musician!”


A sample of Krombholz’s Avid Noise collection

Krombholz says that what she loves most about Avid Noise is that it brings her two passions together and also allows her to reach people around the world. “So far I’ve sold items across the U.S. and even to Canada, the U.K. and Brazil,” Krombholz says. “Reaching these people is great because I hope I’m providing them with clothes that are more alternative and hard to find in an everyday store.”


What makes Avid Noise unique is that is represents a range of styles. For example, the Courtney collection is based on Courtney Love and is all about baby doll dresses. “A glam look for a slightly hot mess,” Krombholz laughs. “That look is completely different than what you find with the Stevie collection, which is based on Stevie Nicks.” Plus, since each collection is based on different women, the clothes range from grunge to punk to hippie, Krombholz adds.


Not only is she designing clothing, but Krombholz is also in the midst of creating an Avid Noise jewelry line for Krombholz Jewelers. “I manage the costume jewelry and online sales department at Krombholz,” she explains. “I’ve been designing a line of retrofitted costume jewelry that features black choker necklaces with vintage brooches as the centerpiece.”


In the future, Krombholz says she hopes Avid Noise will continue to grow. As for right now, she’s happy with the online business format but plans to start attending City Flea and doing public appearances so she can reach out to women in Cincinnati.


To learn more, visit www.avidnoise.com.