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Bardot Bow Gallery

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A local DAAP graduate launched a line of bows and scrunchies featuring high-quality fabrics and designs. Click for all the fashionable details.

Bardot Bow Gallery sells quality hair scrunchies and bows.

Emily Mayer is all about the celebration of femininity and self-confidence. In fact, it’s at the foundation behind the designs she makes for her business Bardot Bow Gallery.

“Bardot Bow Gallery is a branded collection of upscale hair accessories that are locally made,” she says. “I refer to them as ‘Hair Ware,’ styling essentials that take you through day or night. They are a modern revival of retro bows from the 60s and 70s, and scrunchies from the 90s.”

Mayer says that when it comes to her brand, her main inspiration came from a personal mission to re-discover her own style and femininity after having children.

“I love the juxtaposition of casual dress while adding a feminine touch – it’s a fun way to self express and ‘romance the ordinary,’” she says. “Just like a new hair cut or new tube of lipstick, these are a small and affordable way to add a little fun and make you feel fresh. They span a wide range of age, from the young to mamas in messy buns or women in their prime.”

Bardot Bow Gallery is comprised of special pieces, each one designed with purpose. Each of the collections offered are made with unique, high-quality fabrics.

“Some of them are geared toward specific needs: for example, the Sweatproof Series are made with a super soft bamboo jersey that is moisture wicking and antibacterial,” explains Mayer. “Or, the Scarf Series is extremely versatile and can be styled in multiple, unique ways. The Upcycled Series is a collection of styles using reclaimed fabrics from linings, retro scarves or retro printed fabrics that haven’t been put to use.”

Mayer says that for Bardot Bow Gallery, she makes a major effort in eliminating fabric and garment waste. “I do my best to make meaningful use of every scrap,” she adds. “I have a passion for textiles and I really enjoy shopping fabrics and ribbon that have a vintage feel and combining that with modern silhouettes.”

Thanks to the revival in bows and scrunchies in fashion right now, the long Velvet Bow Series is popular among customers. The Knot Scrunchies offered by Bardot Bow Gallery are also a staple while Mayer says that many clients purchase several colors in the Crepe and Silk Series.

Mayer says that she’s the one who takes on most roles when it comes to Bardot Bow Gallery. These roles include product development, production management, graphic design, photography, and marketing. She did recently hire a student part-time who is studying fashion design at DAAP and she works with a local sewing company.

“I enjoy working with other local creatives with pro photography and cross promotion,” she says. “It is an excellent growing community for creative entrepreneurs and I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

Mayer is looking forward to the future for Bardot Bow Gallery as she prepares to launch the Spring collection as well as more headband designs.

She is also ready to grow her online presence and participate in more local pop-up shops and markets.

“After several requests, I’ve just released a wholesale catalog,” she adds. “I’m excited about the relationships I’ve established and I’m so thrilled with how it has been received in several local small businesses. I hope to expand my production locally to keep up with demand as the line continues to grow.”

To learn more about Bardot Bow Gallery or shop the products, click here. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.