Blue Candies By Charlene Kimber

Blue Candies By Charlene Kimber

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Even though her name is on the shingle, Charlene Kimber says her business Blue Candies By Charlene Kimber is a family affair.


Kimber designs and creates the clothes and uses her daughters as models and her oldest daughter, who is a photographer, takes all of her photos. In addition, she recently hired her sister as her assistant, due to the increased business.


“I love handmade clothes and I wanted to create a line that was handmade comfortable and sexy,” says Kimber. “I [then began] marketing and PR in fashion markets such as New York.”


The hard work is paying off, she adds, explaining that she was recently featured on the cover of an international fashion magazine based in New York, and her line was recently featured in the Summer Night Sky Fashion Fundraiser Event presented by Enspire Magazine at Contra Studios in Manhattan.


Kimber says her marketing efforts have led her to be featured in shows across the nation. In fact, she will be debuting her Winter Line this January in Virginia. She also has an athletic line for Men and Women that she is working on for Spring 2015. “I actually think the designs and clothes speak for themselves,” says Kimber. “My designs are original and handmade. I use quality fabric and bold colors. And the clothes are modern, hip and sexy!”


Kimber says she’s going to continue pounding the pavement until Blue Candies is a household name and is recognized internationally by the design industry. “I definitely see my brand getting there,” she adds.


To learn more about Kimber’s designs, new collections, and upcoming fashion shows, click here to read her blog. You can also “like” Blue Candies on Facebook, follow Blue Candies on Instagram @bluecandiesbycharlenekimber and on Twitter @BlueCandiesbyCK.