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BoojiBEE will launch in late November 2014.

“Living life with no blueprint,” is the motto local fashion enthusiast Natasha Andrews believes inspired her to bring to life her very own street wear line, BoojiBEE. The motto simply means “I’m good enough, I have standards, I don’t settle,” Andrews explains.


She began her journey in 2011 when she decided to launch her own business, following her life-long passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. “After I had my youngest son, I went back to school, completed summer quarter and never enrolled for the Fall,” she explains. “Instead, I focused on what is now BoojiBEE. Something was stirring in my spirit for a particular something. That something was giving birth to a business. A business that could make people feel good, look good and represent something uniquely urban and, most importantly, positive!”


Andrews created a small team composed of her mom, her fiancé and her friend Eban to get her line up and running. With her intimate staff, Andrews has been hard at work creating BoojiBEE Streetwear, which is set to launch in late November 2014. BoojiBEE will offer products for everyday urban lifestyles, particularly for women who are in the artistry, entrepreneurial and creative realm of living.


“I chose streetwear because that’s where I come from,” Andrews says. “And I mean that figuratively. People hear the word streetwear and automatically think gutter or hood-like. Stereotyping it as hip-hop clothing, but you have to dig deeper. I come from a place where we take a lot of pride in our style of dress. Street just means the culture or the lifestyle.”


According to Andrews, BoojiBEE Streetwear will be handmade and each piece will be one-of-a-kind. “The design will tell a story the purchaser can relate to. My designs are random,” she says. “When I’m at my Lash Studio, another business I started, I read a lot of scriptures and am inspired by God. So therefore I sketch fashion ideas that pop into my head whether they are going to be liked or worn, that doesn’t matter because I like them. You’ll notice that once my line is launched.”


BoojiBEE pieces will range from $10 to $100. Since initially having the idea for the brand, Andrews has gone back to the drawing board and decided to create pieces that will speak volumes and hold diversity. She has taken business classes, studied social media and attended enrichment events to better prepare the brand for the forthcoming launch. “My past experiences have influenced me to do better and stand out amongst so many other up-and-coming designers,” she explains. “I hope to have much success with BoojiBEE once I launch it because I’ve had more time to learn about my craft and critique my message.”


Andrews says she has posted a few sweatshirts she has made to Facebook and people have asked where they could get them. “I’m hoping this time around, the numbers will show how much I’ve piqued people’s interest or drive to buy,” she says.


As of now, Andrews plans on hosting her own fashion show once she gets the line up and running. When BoojiBEE launches, the line’s items will be sold exclusively online at and at local events. Andrews hopes to eventually open a brick-and-mortar boutique within the next five years. “I’m not focused on the ‘get rich’ scheme of things,” she says. “I just want to do what I love and make a mark in my community and possibly the world that I was courageous enough to dream.”


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