Brand New Day Expands Wellness Wear Line

Brand New Day Expands Wellness Wear Line

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A local business wants to help moms remember how loved and supported they are. See how you can help spread the love one fashionable find at a time.

Brand New Day as expanded its wellness wear, which aims to show mothers how loved they are.

Brand New Day (BND) was created by two Cincinnati sisters as a collective commitment to eliminate the incidence of suicide and relieve the negative stigma associated with mental illness. Their products serve as a physical symbol, a promise to others, to ask for help and help those who ask, and their goal is to help everyone affected see that there’s always a brand new day just around the corner.

“Mom guilt is real and momma bear instincts are strong,” says Mandy Hauer, co-owner of Brand New Day. “Truth be told, being a parent only seems to get scarier as our kids get older. The fear of losing a loved one is, at times, suffocating.”

Mental illness and suicide is a real thing that affects real families, and Hauer says she’s see too many famillies have their lives shattered.

“If you stop and look at the statistics, it is alarming,” Hauer says. “So we started thinking: how can we equip others to navigate life’s highs and lows while making a promise to ourselves? Could we create something that would let people know that they are not alone in this world?”

When Hauer and her sister launched Brand New Day, the idea was to wear a simple bracelet as a reminder to everyone about how loved and cared for they are. But since then, the bracelet has evolved into a significant promise to wearers to ask for help and help those who ask.

“We hope that BND will serve as a physical reminder that everyone is loved, capable, brave, and worthy of life. After all, tomorrow is always a Brand New Day,” says Hauer.

BND offers handcrafted, adjustable macrame bracelets in eight colors, priced at $16 each. The bracelets are packaged on a card with an uplifting message and/or reminder that you are worthy of life.

BND also just recently expanded it wellness wear line. Research on depression, anxiety and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help improve mood and reduce anxiety. BND is excited to introduce their Wellness Wear line that encourages exercise while giving back to suicide prevention organizations and programs.

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