Brillez Jewelry Celebrates Beauty of Nature

Brillez Jewelry Celebrates Beauty of Nature

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Brillez Jewelry features hand-selected exotic materials from all over the world

Merging her two loves – fashion and traveling – Amanda Mills recently launched Brillez Jewelry, a jewelry line featuring hand-selected exotic materials from around the world.

Focusing on the effortless beauty of nature, Brillez accessories are created in limited supply in celebration of each client’s individual spirit. “Jewelry has the power to tell a story to leave an impression,” Mills says. “Brillez Jewelry is on a mission to let you own one-of-a-kind sparkle shine on display for the eyes of the world.”


Mills began her fashion journey back in her early teens when she participated in local craft shows selling homemade jewelry under the name “Beads By Amanda.” By her freshman year in college at the University of Cincinnati, she decided to turn her childhood hobby into a high-end accessories brand. On December 1 2013, Mills launched Brillez, with its name inspired by the French root word meaning “to shine.”


“Brillez Jewelry features rare gifts and one-of-a-kind artisan crafted accessories. Our couture collections features artisan crafted bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair findings,” Mills explains. “Every piece of Brillez Artisan Jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist to ensure its quality and commitment to rarity.”


According to Mills, what makes her line so unique is the origin of gems featured in her premiere collection. For example, the “Gatsby Gold” and “Parker” earrings use vintage chain links from her late grandmother’s jewelry box. “Many gems featured in the premiere collection were hand-selected while traveling to the Caribbean, Hawaii and The Red Sea. Select raw elements used in creation of the premiere collection are sentimental and hold nostalgic value to me personally,” she says. “The elements alone tell a story but pieced-together into a piece of jewelry they have the power to make a statement.”


Brillez couture pieces range in price from about $45 to $650. Within the next month, Mills hopes to release new pieces, such as the high gloss burl oak wooden pendants that she created with her father. Thus far, Mills has discovered that her hair barrettes have been the top-selling accessory to her surprise. “Throughout the creative process, developing the product lines and original concepts for Brillez, I had been on the fence a few times about whether or not to include hair findings in the premiere collection,” Mills explains. “After brainstorming with a few friends of mine in fashion school, I decided to keep hair findings in the collection.”


According to Mills, the feedback from Brillez admirers has been overwhelmingly positive. Soon, Brillez will be offering international shipping due to the demand of Mill’s couture line in the UK. Not only have people received the jewelry line in a very positive manner, they have also taken notice to the creative photography on the Brillez website, Mills says.


“Many people are surprised to discover I shot all the photography myself featured on the site. Admirers of the site’s unique nature-infused photography images had reached out to me personally at the launch event to comment how much they loved the look of the images,” she says. “The creative imagery I had in mind for the Brillez was vivid to me from the start.”


In the future, Mills hopes to commission other talented artisan designers exclusively under the Brillez brand. “Watching a design grow from the stage of conception into something tangible you can hold in the palm of your hand within hours is extremely satisfying. There is no other feeling in the world quite like it,” she says.


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