Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique Opens in Kenwood

Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique Opens in Kenwood

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Danielle Delaine, Owner and Designer for
Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique

It’s that time of year again to head to the horse races, dressed to the nines wearing a hat that turns heads. A local hat designer – Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique – is making it easier to get your haute couture hat this year with her new pop-up shop in Kenwood Towne Centre, across from the Coach store.


Up until 2012, Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique was located in Silverton. Danielle DeLaine, owner and designer, was then approached by Kenwood Towne Centre to host a seasonal boutique every year during Spring and Summer. During the other months of the year, she sells her hats on her website,


“I have been selling other designer hats and designing some of my own hats since 2005,” says DeLaine. Currently at the Kenwood location, you can find hats for Easter, Mother’s Day, everyday wear, Kenneland and — of course — the Kentucky Derby.


DeLaine says her business sees a huge Kentucky Derby crowd that returns annually. “Plus, we have a no-duplications hat policy,” she adds. “So, you can find one-of-a-kind hats from our selection.” They carry hats of all shapes and sizes for any occasion in a variety of colors and switch out inventory at least twice a week, according to DeLaine.


“We also have catalog ordering available that a lot of the ladies take advantage of,” says DeLaine, adding that they also guarantee shipping by the time of the Kentucky Derby.


“This is absolutely my passion!” says DeLaine. “I have always had a love for fashion, and hats were just a way for me to stand out.”


DeLaine has always worn hats, and has been fascinated with them since childhood. “They represented femininity and confidence all at the same time, two things that I look to exude everyday,” says DeLaine.


She enjoys selling her hats online year-round. “It gives me a platform to make more hats available than if I were in a shop,” says DeLaine. She is currently working on her personal Fall line of fashion hats under her name, Danielle DeLaine. “Look out for DeLaine in the Fall of 2014 in local boutiques and online,” she says. “We will offer various styles that stand out from the rest, through unique design and color contrast.”


Another thing to put on your radar is a haute couture event she’s hosting. The Brims and Bows Garden Party will be held at Washington Park Saturday, May 10, Mother’s Day weekend. The cost of the event is $20, which includes a live jazz band, refreshments and entertainment. “We are hosting this event in an effort to celebrate the elegance of dressing up and having a great time on the beautiful lawn of Washington Park,” says DeLaine. So, ladies put on your favorite hat and fellas don’t forget your bow ties! “You don’t want to miss this event, it will be an afternoon of fashion and fun,” says DeLaine.


For more information on Chapeau Couture Hat Boutique, visit or “like” them on Facebook.