Chic Style: Black Friday Guide

Chic Style: Black Friday Guide

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Black Friday is upon us, and in just five short days the malls are going to be packed with shoppers until Christmas. These days, it seems like the stores are opening before you even have time to digest your delicious Thanksgiving dinner. While many opt to steer clear of the mall madness, others love the exhilaration of getting the best deals. If you’re going to tackle Black Friday, you need to go in with a game plan. Read the tips below to guarantee a less stressful shopping experience.

Plan Ahead
Make a list of who and what you’re shopping for. Having a clear list of items will help keep your focus during the big shopping day. Doing research on the Internet can give you an idea of what sales are happening at your favorite retailers. Websites like are the ultimate source for all things Black Friday. You can see when the stores open and what deals may be offered.

Compare Prices
An enticing sale sign can easily tempt anyone. Before making a purchase though, do some sales comparisons. Black Friday is a major day for retailers, so they’re going to offer competitive prices to attract the consumer. Use this to your benefit, and see what retailers are offering the items on your Christmas list. You may find that one retailer is offering a better sale than another.

Bring Any Advertisements With You
Remember to bring any ads from the newspaper or online during your shopping excursion. That way, if there’s any confusion regarding a particular sale, you’ll have the ads handy. Major retailers hire a heavy amount of seasonal workers, so it’s easy for them to get confused as to what’s on sale. Don’t have any store ads? There’s an easy solution for this! Sign up to receive emails from your retailers of choice. Stores usually send emails about once a day, and they often contain good deals. When a good promotion comes your way, print it out for your Black Friday trip.

Only Shop The Sales
Black Friday is pure chaos. To get the most out of your day, only shop the items that are actually on sale. While it may be nice to get all of your shopping out of the way, Black Friday probably isn’t the day to do it. The last thing you want is to be searching for a regularly priced item and have the sale items on your list sell out! Stick to the sales only, and find another day to devote to your other shopping.