Chic Style: Fall Shoe Report

Chic Style: Fall Shoe Report

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Fall shoes are all about sleek and chic designs, with colorful palettes and eye-popping prints. With all these options, the basic black pump has some new competition. Below are some of the most popular shoe styles for fall that are sure to make your feet happy.


d’Orsay Shoes

d’Orsay Shoes
Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the d’Orsay (pronounced “door say”) shoe. Although the name sounds fancy, the concept is quite simple. These shoes have cutouts in the middle, revealing only the arch of the foot. The toe and heel area are covered, so your feet will remain secure while creating a sleek and sexy look. D’Orsay shoes come in heel and flat versions, so there is a style available for every woman.

printed pumps

Printed Pumps
If you’re looking to make a statement this fall, go for a printed pump! These eye-catching shoes can actually be quite appealing when styled correctly. When wearing a printed pump, keep the rest of your outfit simple and toned down. You don’t want to have multiple prints competing against each other, so let the shoes do the talking. Pair your statement shoes with a dark wash, skinny pant. Not only will this create a slimming effect, but the darkness will draw the attention to your feet!


metallic oxfords

While the oxford may not be considered a trend, it definitely has gotten an updated look this fall. Metallic oxfords are popping up everywhere, in glamorous golds and silvers. If you’re hesitant to attempt a metallic oxford, try out a cap-toe option for a small hint of shine. If you want to go the more traditional route, there are plenty options in brown, black, and nudes. For a fun and easy way to make your oxfords stand out from the crowd, switch out the shoelaces for a colorful option.


clear cut shoes

Clear Cut
Most people associate a lucite heel with something more provocative, but these shoes recently underwent a classy and chic makeover by many major designers. The key here is to look for a shoe with lucite details, and to avoid a shoe that’s 100% transparent. The completely clear options are the reason why these shoes have generated a bad reputation. Like the printed pumps, pair these shoes with skinny jeans. Avoid wearing tights, as they will clash with the lucite material.