Chic Style: Fashion Apps For The Style-Obsessed

Chic Style: Fashion Apps For The Style-Obsessed

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Downloadable apps for the fashion forward.

In this day and age, technology plays a major role in everyday life. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get through the day without checking your smart phone or tablet a few times. Luckily for the ladies who are style-obsessed, there are an abundance of apps to help you get your fashion fix.


ShopStyle by POPSUGAR
The ShopStyle app is available for iPhone and iPad, and is a one-stop source for all your online shopping needs. This app brings together millions of products from the hottest shops, making it easy for the consumer to find and compare products. Say you’re looking for a red dress. All you have to do is type “red dress” in the search box, and ShopStyle presents you with all the red dresses it can find. You can even narrow it down to price, size, and brand. They also inform you of any sales being offered. This makes your shopping experience fun and convenient!


Speak Chic
Do you ever see a designer’s name, and are immediately unsure of how to pronounce it? The last thing you want is to mispronounce the name of a popular fashion house, but learning the proper pronunciation can seem impossible. This is where the Speak Chic app comes in handy. With nearly 300 brands in their database, Speak Chic gives you the correct pronunciation of even the most challenging designer names. They also provide you with the phonetic spellings, allowing you to perfect the name. Finally, you can read a detailed history of the most established names in fashion. You’ll have everything you need to know about the basics of fashion with Speak Chic!


Rent The Runway
You may have already heard of Rent the Runway, but did you know they have an iPhone app? Now you can rent fashion anywhere you are! They have a Dress Match feature, where you can take a picture of any dress, pattern, or fabric, and they will search for a similar style that’s available for rent. If you’re indecisive about all the amazing options, you can share your favorite items with friends through text or email. They have renting clothes down to a foolproof science!


StyleSpotter is a newly released iPad app that allows you to browse through all your favorite fashion finds. They bring together some of the hottest designers and brands, and allow you to organize your favorites onto your profile. Anytime the price is reduced on one of your saved products, you’ll get a notification. StyleSpotter also allows you to follow other fashionistas and see what they’re shopping for!