Chic Style: Halloween Costume Ideas

Chic Style: Halloween Costume Ideas

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 Rosie the Riveter is a staple Halloween costume.

Rosie the Riveter
What You’ll Need: chambray or navy button down shirt, jeans, red bandana, red lipstick.
Not only is Rosie the Riveter a classic female figure, but many women likely have all the necessary pieces needed to recreate this look sitting in their closet! Start off with a chambray or navy button down shirt. Unbutton the cuffs so you can roll the sleeves past your elbows. Since the iconic Rose the Riveter image only shows the top half of her body, you have the freedom to improvise with the bottom of the outfit. Jeans and a pair of flats or booties are a safe bet to stick with the theme. Tuck your shirt into the jeans to create a more polished look. For the hair, make sure it’s pinned up and away from your face. Tie a red bandana around your hair, and finish the look with a swipe of red lipstick.


Morton Salt Girl
What You’ll Need: yellow dress, yellow flats, white tights, umbrella, Morton Salt can, string.
The Morton Salt Girl is another costume that channels an iconic female figure. If you don’t have a yellow dress, check out a thrift store for an inexpensive option. Pair the dress with white tights and yellow ballet flats. Take an empty Morton Salt can, and attach a string so you can carry it as a purse. Finish the look with an umbrella and you have a simple, classic Halloween costume!

The Morton Salt Girl is an inexpensive costume option.


Flower Pot
What you’ll need: large plastic flowerpot, suspenders, hot glue gun, duct tape, plastic flowers.
To create this costume, you first need a large plastic flowerpot. The pot needs to be large enough to fit comfortably around your waist. A hardware store or garden center should have a good assortment of plastic flowerpots to choose from. Cut out the bottom of the pot, and use a hot glue gun or duct tape to attach a pair of suspenders to the pot. The suspenders will hold up your costume, so you don’t have to use your hands! Next, use a hot glue gun to attach plastic flowers around the rim of the inside of the pot. You can find a variety of fake flowers at any craft store. What’s nice about this costume is that you can wear anything you’d like underneath it, since the flowerpot hangs around your waist.

 A flower pot will be a fun costume.