Chic Style: How To Spot A Knockoff Handbag

Chic Style: How To Spot A Knockoff Handbag

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Tips on how to spot a knockoff designer handbag.

What woman doesn’t love a good handbag? Many people say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but others will argue that a designer purse is a girl’s greatest companion. You basically carry around your life in your purse, so investing in a well-made bag that can hold everything is important. If you’re putting your money into an expensive designer bag, you want it to be the real deal. Unfortunately, there’s an entire industry devoted to producing and selling knockoff designer bags. Use the tips below to avoid ending up with an imitation designer handbag.


1. Price. Obviously, the price is one of the simplest ways to spot a knockoff handbag. Designer bags come with a hefty price tag, so if you spot a bag that’s majorly discounted, it’s probably a fake. A $900 purse being advertised for $50 is usually too good to be true.


2. Questionable Online Retailers. Just because a designer purse is being sold online, that doesn’t automatically make it a knockoff. With that being said, you should take extra precaution in making sure you’re getting an authentic bag. Avoid purchasing from overseas websites, especially Hong Kong and China. These two countries are notorious for selling imitation designer purses. When purchasing online, do some research to guarantee the seller is credible. Read reviews from previous customers to see if they received a genuine designer purse, and if they had a good experience with the seller.


3. Spelling Errors. It may sound strange, but oftentimes a knockoff bag will spell the designer’s name wrong. Be sure to check any text written on the handbag, but also examine the dust cover and any instructions that come with the bag. A misspelled word is an easy giveaway that the bag is not authentic.


4. Detailing. Looking at the details of the handbag will help reveal if you’re looking at a knockoff. Is the stitching crooked? Is the hardware lightweight? These are indicators that your bag may not be genuine. A true designer handbag will have perfectly straight stitching. It will also have heavy hardware. If the metal details feel hollow, there’s a good chance the bag is a knockoff. Another easy giveaway is to look at the inside lining of the bag. Before you make a purchase, do some research on what the lining of the designer purse looks like. If the color or pattern of the lining is off, the bag is inauthentic.