Chic Style: LouLou’s Boutique

Chic Style: LouLou’s Boutique

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LouLou’s Boutique is located in Western Hills.

The West side of Cincinnati and shopping have never been synonymous with one another, but one Western Hills resident is looking to change that. Nancy Rembold, a Dayton native, is the owner of LouLou’s Boutique located at 6145 Bridgetown Road in Western Hills.


Open for three and a half years, LouLou’s fills a previously unmet need for retail on Cincinnati’s West side.


“I was tired of having to drive to the East side of town to go shopping,” Rembold says of the lack of shopping destinations around her. Fortunately, the timing was right for her three years ago, and she took one of the greatest, yet most rewarding risks of her life.


When Rembold told her husband that she wanted to open a boutique, he fully supported her decision. After that, the stars aligned and her dream came to fruition. The space Rembold had envisioned for her store was finally available, and she had the backing of her husband and family. In her opinion, the risk wasn’t opening a boutique on the West side, but opening a boutique in general.


Rembold states, “It is a sacrifice and a risk, but to me this isn’t work, it’s fun!”


She says that her passion for what she does shines through to the customers who shop at LouLou’s.


“People come in and talk about how friendly, approachable, and helpful we are,” she says. “People appreciate having us here. People in Western Hills have a strong appreciation for value and fashion, and I think LouLou’s gives them both of those.”


Rembold credits her staff with creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for the customer. In addition to the friendly staff, the clothing selection at LouLou’s is something that attracts women of all ages. A unique perk of the store is that a mother and daughter can both find pieces they like, and for a reasonable price. Rembold chooses clothing for the store based on which brands are unique and offer the most for the fashion dollar. The store’s tagline is “Simply Fashion”, because they don’t overcomplicate the fashion. The goal is to keep the customer from feeling overwhelmed.

LouLou’s helps to fill an unmet need on Cincinnati’s west side.


LouLou’s also implements a rewards program that is proving to be popular with loyal customers. A reward card is punched each time a customer spends $50. By the tenth punch the customer gets $20 of free merchandise. The card is kept at the store so shoppers don’t have to remember it each time. This rewards program is the store’s way of thanking their customers for being loyal patrons of LouLou’s.


Rembold offered advice for those looking to take a risk of their own and open a boutique. She says it’s important to do your homework to determine if you’re filling an unmet need and offering something unique to the consumer. Talking with other boutique owners is also a good way to learn of the risk involved. Rembold says you must understand that owning your own business is not always as glamorous as it seems. There are lots of extra hours that go into making sure the business operates smoothly and efficiently.


To contact LouLou’s, call them at (513)417-7696 or visit their Facebook page.