Chic Style: Lulu Hass Vintage

Chic Style: Lulu Hass Vintage

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Mary Lou Hasselbeck turned her love for art into a vintage jewelry line, Lulu Hass Vintage

Mary Lou Hasselbeck is taking her lifetime love for art and channeling it into her vintage jewelry line, Lulu Hass Vintage.


“I majored in art in college, so art has always been with me,” Hasselbeck says.


Hasselbeck has been making jewelry for years, and each piece she creates is unique. She enjoys making vintage jewelry because she feels it is better made and has more character than modern jewelry. The passion Hasselbeck has for her jewelry is evident when she talks about her creations.


“It’s funny because you love each piece that you make,” she says. “Your heart goes into it and it’s what feels right.”


The jewelry making process begins with trips to flea markets, auctions and garage sales. This allows Hasselbeck to gather one-of-a-kind gems and beads to create customized pieces. Most of Hasselbeck’s customers are also patrons at Harrigan & Crew Salon, her salon located in Montgomery.


“I started selling my jewelry through the salon, and it just took off,” Hasselbeck says. “One customer has bought 15 pieces because she just loves to wear it.”


Hasselbeck’s vintage jewelry is appealing to the everyday woman. She says her products are good for women of all ages and believes there is a piece of jewelry for everyone. Her products are also affordable, starting at $48.


In addition to each piece of jewelry being one-of-a-kind, there is another intriguing characteristic of Lulu Hass Vintage. Customers can bring in their old jewelry that they no longer wear, and Hasselbeck will deconstruct it to create a completely new piece. She says this is an ideal option for a woman who has her grandmother’s old jewelry and wants to incorporate it into a chic, wearable piece.


Hasselbeck’s upcoming plans include opening an online shop on She will also have her jewelry available at Second Sunday on Main, the monthly festival in Over-the-Rhine October 13. To see Hasselbeck’s jewelry selection, check out her Instagram (@luluhass). Contact her at