Chic Style: Outlet Mall Secrets

Chic Style: Outlet Mall Secrets

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Everyone loves finding a good bargain at the outlet mall. Are you really getting a good deal, though? Before you head out on your next outlet mall adventure, make sure you know these secrets:


Many people believe that the outlet stores of their favorite brands carry overstock products from the regular retailer. Most of the time, this is not the case though. Retailers actually have buyers specifically for their outlet stores, so the products being sold are completely different. In fact, only a small percentage of clothing actually comes from the traditional retailer. This also means different quality clothing. Most of the clothing sold at outlet stores isn’t considered high enough quality to even be sold at the regular retailer. The clothing at outlet stores often contains a higher amount of synthetic materials, as opposed to what the traditional retailer offers.


To determine if a product was made specifically for the outlet store, look at the tag. You can differentiate J.Crew outlet products from regular J.Crew clothing by looking for two small diamond symbols on the tag. Clothing sold at the regular J.Crew does not contain these symbols. Banana Republic outlet clothing contains three small diamond symbols on the tag, while the Brooks Brothers outlet store has the numbers “346” written on the tag.


Another important aspect to note about outlet stores is the price tags. Oftentimes, you’ll see on the price tag a significantly slashed price. The tag will include the “original” price, and then the reduced price that it’s being sold for. If a product is coming directly from the retailer, these price reductions are likely accurate. If the clothing is specifically made for the outlet store though, these price reductions are made up to make you believe you’re getting a great deal.


To summarize, if you’re looking for the latest trends at the highest quality, stick with traditional retail stores. Outlet malls do offer lower prices, but it’s important to remember what you’re giving up in return for that low price.