Chic Style: Personal Stylists

Chic Style: Personal Stylists

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Whether you’re an avid shopper, or one who avoids the mall at all costs, shopping can be challenging for everyone. Perhaps you struggle to mix and match different patterns and prints. Maybe you’re never sure how to incorporate the season’s latest trends into your wardrobe. These are all issues that personal stylists encounter on a daily basis. It’s a popular misconception that personal stylists are extremely expensive, and that you have to search for one yourself. The good news is that this isn’t the case anymore. Did you know many retailers have their own in-house personal shoppers? This saves you, the shopper, time and money, while alleviating any stress! Below is a list of local retailers that offer personal styling services.


The J.Crew Very Personal Stylist is all about your convenience. The most noteworthy aspect of their service is that the stylist’s are available 24/7. Yes, that means they will keep the store open late or open it extra early if that’s what you need. The free service also provides free shipping for any items you purchase through an appointment with a stylist. To get started, email or call 800-261-7422.


Saks Fifth Avenue
The Saks Fifth Avenue Personal Stylist experience is aimed to ease the stress of finding the perfect outfit from the luxury retailer. This complimentary service’s goal is to help “coordinate your closet to enhance or re-invent your personal sense of style”. To contact a Saks Personal Stylist, simply email or call 1-888-458-7257. Once you get in touch with a stylist, you will discuss your needs and concerns. The Personal Stylist will then pull pieces based on your insights, and can even place your order for you.


When it comes to shopping, Macy’s is king. Offering everything from clothing to kitchen appliances, they truly are a one-stop shop. The Macy’s Personal Shopping Service is completely free. They say they will help you find everything from the perfect interview outfit, to the most thoughtful hostess gift. When you use the personal shopper for clothing, you get personal consultations and advance notice of special sales. If you use the personal shopping service for gifts, Macy’s provides you with custom gift wrapping and shipping. To set up an appointment, email or call 1-800-343-0121.


Nordstrom has their Personal Stylist services down to a science. They offer different types of appointments that aim to suit your specific needs. If you’re in a hurry, you can choose the “Fast Track” appointment, which is a 30 minute session to get you in and out as soon as possible. Or, you can opt for the “Wardrobe Update”, a two hour consultation focused on a total wardrobe overhaul. To contact a personal stylist at Nordstrom, click here.