Chic Style: Tailgating Attire

Chic Style: Tailgating Attire

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Look stylish and comfortable with these tailgating style tips!

With football season in full swing, pre-game tailgates become a Sunday ritual for the next few months. While many tailgaters eventually make their way into the main event, others firmly plant themselves in their folding chairs and enjoy the game from the parking lot. Sometimes it can be a challenge to put together an outfit that is warm, cute, and helps support your favorite team. Below are some tips on how to achieve the perfect tailgating look.


Black Stretch Pants
Look for a thick black legging, and avoid one with a thin, sheer construction. A thick legging will obviously keep you warm, while preventing any wardrobe malfunctions. This pant is also forgiving, allowing you to splurge on food and drinks during your event!


Chunky Sweater
To show your team spirit, sport a sweater in the shade of your team’s color. For a Bengals tailgate, look for a chunky orange sweater. When pairing a sweater with leggings, it’s good to look for a sweater that’s a bit longer than the traditional sweater length. A sweater with a looser fit also offsets the tight leggings, and creates a more relaxed look.


To complement your team-colored sweater, choose a scarf based on another one of your team’s colors. To go along with a Bengals-inspired orange sweater, choose a black scarf. Wearing a scarf and sweater in your team’s colors is an easy way to show your support without looking like a Halloween costume.


Your feet will thank you when you add booties to your tailgate look. Comprised of a short, thick heel, booties will allow you to be on your feet all day, while still looking fashion forward. Opt for a black shoe, as it will complement your black pants.


A cross-body purse is easy and functional when attending a tailgate. This frees up your arms and you don’t have to worry about setting your purse down and having it get stolen or misplaced. You now have a warm outfit, but don’t forget about your hands getting cold! Fingerless gloves are a functional way to keep warm during your outing. These gloves are nice because you don’t have to take them off to eat, pour a drink, or use your phone.