Chic Style: Thanksgiving Attire

Chic Style: Thanksgiving Attire

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and that means lots of eating, accompanied by a few glasses of wine. You want to celebrate the holiday surrounded by family and indulging in an amazing homemade meal. On the other hand, you’re worried about overeating and feeling miserable afterward, especially if you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t allow for the extra space. Thanksgiving is a day where you should enjoy yourself, so wearing an outfit that will allow for it is important! Below are two different outfit inspirations that will allow you to eat whatever you want while still looking stylish.


Comfortable Glam
It is possible to add some glamour while still being comfortable on this food-centric holiday. Start your look off with a legging-like black pant. The J.Crew Pixie Pant has an elastic waistband, but is thicker than a standard legging, creating a more structured pant. The material and color of this pant create a slimming effect, and the stretchy waistband makes it a must-have. The pants come in standard black, or you can opt for a faux leather piping down the side. The leather detail will dress it up a bit, while allowing you breathing room after going back for seconds. If you’re wearing a tight pant, choose a loose top to go with it. This gold blouse has a hint of shimmer in it, adding the perfect amount of glamour. You’ll also feel more comfortable after the meal because you’re wearing a shirt that’s very forgiving! Finish this look off with a pair of black booties and some statement earrings.


Feminine and Forgiving
If you want a more feminine Thanksgiving look, go for a skirt. This metallic skirt makes a statement, but also has an elastic waistband, so you’re getting the best of both worlds. For the top, choose a black fitted sweater to tuck into the skirt. Remember, black is slimming, so even though the skirt is somewhat flashy, the black will provide a nice balance. You can also choose to add black opaque tights for warmth. Opaque tights also make you appear thinner, so they’re nice for a day of feasting. To go along with the feminine theme, pair this outfit with simple ballet flats and some gold bangles.


When it comes to Thanksgiving fashion, the two main ideas to keep in mind are black and elastic waistbands. If you can incorporate either of these into your holiday look, you can enjoy your meal without having to stress about it afterward!