Closet Audits with Flair

Closet Audits with Flair

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Lots of clothes, but nothing to wear. We’ve all been there. But if you find yourself there too often, you might want to consider giving Kristie Sheanshang a call.


In addition to being the style columnist here at Cincy Chic, she’s also the owner of Flair, a local company that provides personal shopping, style consulting and closet audit services to some of Cincinnati’s most influential women.


What’s that, you say? Closet audit? Yes, that’s where a Flair stylist comes to your home and "cleans out" your closet to help you determine what to keep, sell and donate. Through the audit, you’ll not only have a cleaner closet, but the stylist will also create go-to outfits from current clothes to give you confidence and comfort in your active life. To fill in the missing pieces, she will create a shopping wish list to help avoid impulse purchases of items that don’t fit, are the wrong color or never seem to get worn. You will also receive a follow-up report including your ideal colors, styles and trends.


It’s $300 for first two hours and $100 per hour thereafter. According to Sheanshang, the audit typically takes 3-4 hours per season. Personal Shopping is $95 per hour with a three hour minimum. "Think of me as your shopping sherpa," she says with a smile.


Sheanshang says she looks for these seven things every time she does an audit:

  • Go through every piece and decide to keep, sell or donate
  • Create go-to outfits of clothes you already own
  • Create a signature look that is uniquely yours
  • Measurements to determine horizontal and vertical body shape
  • Color analysis to know which colors look best on client
  • Create a shopping wish list for client to shop of their own or with Flair’s personal shopping services
  • Follow-up report to hang in closet to help them get out the door quicker


Sheanshang says a closet audit provides a second set of eyes for the client’s wardrobe. "The client begins to recognize the styles and silhouettes that best work on his or her body style," she adds, "which leads to: go-to outfits that can immediately be worn with confidence and the overall benefit of saving time, saving shopping mistakes and saving hard earned money."


One tip that use to start organizing your closet on your own, Sheanshang says, is to categorize your closet by item. Have a section for pants, skirts, dresses and tops. "Also," she adds, "keep off-season garments somewhere else to avoid a crowded closet and a feeling of nothing to wear.


In addition, Sheanshang says, you might want to consider a new closet design: shelves for shoes, belt hooks for jewelry and scarves, make the space personal and comfortable (pictures, artwork, anything to make you smile). Also, don’t use a hodgepodge of different hangers. Sheanshang says you should make everything hang at the same level and provide space for your items to breathe.

Watch the webcast below to learn more about Kristie, Flair and the closet audit service.