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Down To Mars Vintage

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A local woman with a passion for vintage fashion recently opened up an online shop featuring a curated collection of high-end finds. Read on for all the details.

Styled and Photographed by Hon; Model Elaina Haehnle

Marcie Hon has always been complimented on her unique style. Working at a high end costume shop as a costume designer has given her an eye for curating one of a kind looks. Hon is constantly surrounded by ornate gowns, costumes, and a selection of vintage pieces which has inspired her to create her own business selling high-end vintage clothing, Down To Mars.

Hon has always had a quirky, vintage style and in the fall of 2016, she launched her Etsy shop. She loves searching for gems and hand chooses each of the garments that are sold, setting her apart from other vintage shopping options. Not only are her pieces high style, but high quality is guaranteed. Her experience in the costume store has made her familiar with vintage cuts and sizes, which greatly differ from those of today. She has an eye for visualizing what a piece on the hanger will look like and knows how to personally style her clients.

Styled and Photographed by Hon; Model Elaina Haehnle

Hon recalls the moment that her love of vintage fashion was solidified. When her grandparents passed, she wanted to keep their clothes. She specifically remembers her grandfather’s members only jacket; some may have thought it was ugly but she felt it was special and soulful. That is where her passion for vintage clothing comes from: the memories that are brought to life through the pieces.

The brand name Down to Mars happened in one of those epiphany moments while driving. She has been called “Mars” by most of her peers growing up, short for Marcie. “The thought of people referring to a potential store like, ‘Hey, let’s go down to Mar’s’ or ‘I got this down at Mar’s’ was something I always liked,” says Hon. “On a deeper level of meaning, I have always been connected to astrology and my zodiac sign, Aries. Planet Mars is the Aries ruler. It all seemed to fit and so in literal terms I really am a down to mars girl.”

Hon at the Cincy Chic 10th Anniversary Celebration

Hon is also a fashion designer and hopes to incorporate this aspect of her expertise into Down To Mars. As a creative person, she wants to live out her own creative vision by integrating old and new styles for clients. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and did not know how it was going to manifest itself until she was inspired to create her own vintage boutique. She plans to provide exclusive, appointment based consultations and fittings for both her own personal designs and fabulous finds.

Currently, her curated collection is for sale on Etsy and you can follow Down to Mars on Instagram. She also attends pop up shops and other fashion events.