Fashion House Brings Style to Your Doorstep

Fashion House Brings Style to Your Doorstep

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Learn about a local woman who turned her fashion dreams into a stylish reality that brings personalized posh designs to you.

Fashion House
Fashion House is an online-based boutique based in Greater Cincinnati.

We all have dreams that we long to pursue. Nakkiya Groomes, however, was tired of waiting for them to materialize on their own.

“Fashion House was started February this year solely because I became tired of running away from what I was really good at, which is fashion,” says Groomes. Fashion House is an online clothing boutique based in the Greater Cincinnati area. She adds, “My goal is to get women out of their comfort zone.”

Groomes has always had a natural draw to the fashion industry. She forayed into this world several years ago by opening a clothing boutique and nail salon, Charmz Fashion and Nail Boutique, but the cost of upkeep became too much. She explains, “The reality was that the overhead was ridiculously high, and I was just keeping up with the Joneses and making money to pay rent.”

Groomes dove into caring for her three children as a single mom and focused on working for necessity. “I began playing it too safe and forgot all about my dream of becoming a successful business owner.”

That is, until she had a close call with her health. Groomes went in for an early mammogram, as breast cancer runs heavily in her family. “I thought it was going to be an in and out procedure,” Groomes recalls, “Sure enough, they found a lump and immediately suggested it to be cut out.” After a successful surgery, doctors told her that the mass should have, and very well could have, been malignant.

“From that moment on, I regained my confidence and figured that life was too short to not go after what you want.” Groomes gave new life to her fashion business, but in an altered form, as Fashion House is online and in-home by private appointment. This flexibility gives her the freedom to bring style to local women in many different ways.

Shoppers can view and purchase items on the Fashion House Facebook page and through their online store, by calling their phone line, or by scheduling a private fitting and styling session. Another fun way to experience Fashion House is by hosting a Dresses and Drinks party. Groomes explains, “The host provides the drinks and [we] provide the clothing, games, and a sexy fitness routine to keep up the confidence with your new look.”

Groomes hopes her business can help ladies experience fashion in a new and personalized way. She says, “The unique part about Fashion House is that it’s literally a Fashion House… I took one of the rooms in my house and converted it into a small boutique so that local customers could still have the convenience of getting style and fitted in person.”

Fashion House is created for women who, “are the fashion-forward thinkers, the ones who think out of the box, and who love to turn heads when they walk into a room,” says Groomes, “Our customers are classy, sexy, demanding, and chic.” She adds, “My personal fashion philosophy is to dress to impress yourself. If you’re feeling and looing good, that confidence exudes from within and rubs off in a positive way to the people you come across.”

Looking forward, Groomes hopes to take Fashion House mobile by introducing the Fashion House Fashion Truck. Regarding spring trends, Groomes says, “I’m absolutely crazy over the cape trends, asymmetrical skirts, and high-low. These trends are edgy yet classy at the same time.”

On April 8, Fashion House will have a pop-up shop at Cincy Chic’s annual Night in White event. They will also be hosting their first Drinks and Dresses event at Classy Divas Charm School on April 17.

To learn more about Fashion House or to shop, visit them on Facebook or at To learn more about Night in White or to purchase tickets, click here.