Flair: Reptiles, Cheetahs and Toppers Hit the Scene

Flair: Reptiles, Cheetahs and Toppers Hit the Scene

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082911FLAIR_slytherin.jpgEnvious of Slytherin:
It may be the house of Harry Potter’s nemesis, but its mascot is part of this fall’s most popular style. Snakes and reptile skins are a big trend this season. Add a small dose with shoes, handbags or belts, or draw attention with python pants, tops or jackets. These pieces are typically found in black, silver, gray, green or some shades of blue.


Join the Cheetah Girls:
If you enjoy animal prints rather than the scaly skin of reptiles, have no fear: Many pieces can be found in cheetah, leopard, giraffe and even peacock. These bigger animals are typically found in camel and chocolate brown hues, which blend wonderful with winter white and black.


Toppers from Across the Pond:
This is one of my favorite new words from the Brits. Using jackets and coats as statement pieces are everywhere this fall. Consider true toppers that end mid thigh or heavy winter coats that skim the floor. Break the mold, and invest in a bold color. If you must stick with a basic, make sure it has embellishments – like ruffles, big buttons or toggles – for added pizzazz.


President of the Equestrian Club:
Not only are slim pants and leggings still popular, but we are seeing more jackets that are fitted at the waist, riding boots that reach the knee and brass bit buckle-inspired hardware on everything, like sweaters, belts, shoes, purses and boots.


082911FLAIR_bold3.jpgBold, Bright, Beautiful:
Combine the richness of the season’s colors to create dynamic outfits. Combinations that seem to stay in style season after season include hot pink and orange; teal and red; quarry gray and orange; phlox purple and chocolate brown.


Less is More:
Need a break from the bold? Akris is a committed minimalist. Everything in the fall show was pared back, yet with a luxurious feeling. Consider outfits in a single color family. Some options to look into include turtlenecks and slim sweaters; belted jackets over leggings and fur trim used discreetly. Tweed is a great way to add texture and warmth to an outfit. Alexander McQueen embellished his with feathers and fur trims, whereas Tory Burch patch-worked it, fringed the edges, pieced it with chiffon and trimmed it in leather.


Mad Men (and Women):
Thanks to a marketing partnership between Banana Republic and Mad Men executives, we will be seeing many reasonably priced trench coats, high-waisted skirts, 60s-style dresses and leopard print pumps. Your men can spiff up their attire with suits, pocket squares, money clips and knitted sweaters.


Evening Wear:
summation of the season: "Lots of ‘Ls’ – L for love, L for luxe, L for luscious, L for layering, leather, lace, leopard, longer lengths." All with drama! Look for elegant silhouettes embellished with feathers, cut leather, see-through lace and extravagant beading. Consider rich brown or metallic instead of black.


Shades for the Season – Pantone Colors:
Taking cues from the great masters, sepia tones from old Hollywood, Chinese opera, cityscapes and countrysides, designers are paying close attention to texture, contrast and color for fall 2011:

  • Bamboo – a standout yellow with subtle green undertones
  • Emberglow – orange of a glowing fire
  • Honeysuckle – dynamic, playful, reddish pink
  • Phlox – a magical deep purple
  • Cedar – a mid-tone neutral green
  • Deep Teal – a strong blue-tones green, suggests the color of the sky as daylight descends into darkness
  • Coffee Liqueur – deep, rich chocolate brown
  • Nougat – a warm camel tan
  • Orchid Hush – a unique tone of gray with complex orchid undertones
  • Quarry – a reliable medium gray