Flair: The Hunt for Color and Style Trends

Flair: The Hunt for Color and Style Trends

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103111FLAIR2.jpgThey say most designers take inspiration from nature. My trip to South Dakota truly put that in perspective. There was nothing else to do but thank God for being an amazing artist who created the textures and depth of colors in the prairie grasses, animal coats and feathers.


The following is pale in comparison to the beautiful colors I admired with awe:

  • Red – Your eyes after all the dirt that is kicked up. The blood on your pant legs from getting too close to the field dressing area. Thankfully I didn’t have to participate in this activity.
  • Pink – The glowing sunset across the vast sky, with the black mountains in the background. A color nowhere to be found in clothing, as this is an almost exclusively male-dominated sport.
  • Orange – The amazingly huge harvest moon at night and the blazing orange hats and vest that keep you at a safe distance from fellow hunters.
  • Tan and chocolate brown – of the Filson and Barbour waxed cotton pants and jackets. Next time I will wear a pair to avoid splinters in my knees. It is not for the coffee, which was weak everywhere we went.
  • Green – Of the winter wheat planted in alternating fields with the yellow milo and maroon millet.
  • Rust – Old farm equipment recycling into the earth.
  • Blue – Of the endlessly clear panoramic skies.
  • Rainbow – The pheasant chest feathers that are different on each bird – my fashion eye desires sweaters and scarves to be as beautifully designed.
  • White – The deer skull found in the field, the perfect, unpolluted clouds and the predicted snow flurries – fortunately for tomorrow.
  • Black – The sweetest Labrador Lucy flushing and retrieving the birds.
  • Metallic – Gun barrels with grainy wood stocks.
  • Plaid – Flannel shirts of multiple colors and checks to liven up the earth tones.
  • Reptile Print – On the snakes slithering up the wheel tracks sunken in the fields.
  • Animal Prints – Of the birds, coyotes and deer in the mud of the food plot and of the flushing dogs near the hotel entrance.
  • Earth Tones – The colors of the clothing worn day after day, season after season, possibly without being washed in between. Thankfully, the wide open fields, wind gusts and smell of gun fire remove the manly hunter’s scent.


103111FLAIR1.jpgLeaving Rapid City for Manhattan
In the city, the colors of nature are rarely seen, with the exception of the street-side grocer’s fruit and flower stands. I always have a rush of excitement from the first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building from the plane window. In the past, I would make a visit to the Charging Bull statue near Wall Street. Now I am more apt to sneak inside Manolo’s brownstone shop on 54th. It’s a great way to see beautiful designs and varying heels heights. I keep true to myself and light a candle at Saint Peter’s on 50th and Fifth before making the first purchase.


I had the amazing opportunity to visit some designer’s showrooms, one of whom took the time to style me! It was fantastic to hunt through their inspiration racks and their final designs. One showroom was making re-cuts, as they had such a great demand for their jersey knit tops and dresses. Want to know what they were showing? Of course you do!


The showrooms were lined with thick, soft croquet-like neck scarves, high-waisted skirts, real fur 1209KROMBHOLZ.gifvests, wraps and fur used as trim, plus great outerwear from tech jackets to long toppers.


 My final day was spent with ETCETERA to view the upcoming resort line. It consists of stylish pieces focusing on bringing new life into wardrobes of corporate and carpooling women. The goal is to make all women look chic and feel fantastic. The line highlights shirts with cut-away arms, figure-flattering necklines and waistlines, suit jackets with enough details to wear with jeans and seventeen dresses from luncheon appeal to four tiers of ostrich feathers.


The line’s colors are amazing: magenta, shell pink, true red, tangerine, lemonade, macaw green, jade, aqua, navy, parchment, rattan, espresso and gold! Such a rainbow to my eyes and a contrast to the rain outside.


I am heading home tired and energized at the same time. I am looking forward to writing and showing more of these great looks to our loyal readers in the months to come.